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Spa Ritual at home! sounds great and tempting. How was my experience with Skin+i Hand and Foot Spa Ritual? Read More to Reveal More!!!


Inspired by traditional spa treatments the Mini Hand Spa Ritual and the Mini Foot Spa Ritual revive, renew and hydrate the skin.
Using natural fruit and plant extracts, the formula has beauty-boosting infusions that instantly hydrate and protect, helping the skin regain its natural radiance and beauty.
The results: silky soft hands you can be proud of and feet that will look and feel fabulous in your favourite designer heels or sandals.
Quick and convenient, you can use our rituals every day whether at home, at the office or on the move, whilst freely using your hands and feet. You will be surprised at how easily these Rituals begin to fit into your daily routine.
Designed to deliver maximum results in minimal time the Mini Spa Rituals are great before a social engagement or when you just want a little ‘me-time’. They’re the perfect pick-me up!
To enjoy the ultimate mini indulgence for your hands or feet just ask your favourite salon about our new ProRitual Service.

Hand Spa Ritual
Hand Spa Ritual Glove worn
Foot Spa Ritual
Foot Spa Ritual Glove Worn

L- just out of gloves R- well massaged
Hand Before & After
Foot Before & After

Spa sounds like a luxurious treatment, esp when you don't have much time to go out and have a Spa :p When I got Skin+i Spa Rituals to try on I was more than happy. The use is quite easy. Each pouch contains a pair of glove (hand shaped or socks shaped) Wear the gloves on hand and socks on foot (well that's understood but-just-in-case) The gloves and socks are made of plastic but have a innermost layer, of thick paper type. Massage it for few minutes and leave on for 15-20 minutes. As I wanted to get most out of it I wore these for 30 minutes. The ingredients are in the inner layer of the gloves, you will feel the fluid on our hands and feet, don't worry it wont spill out in any case. The size of Hand glove was perfect, I wear M size of dish washing gloves, these were a bit loose, so I guess any one with bigger hand may also fit in. The foot socks were a fit, I wear 9(Pak) or 39-40(UK-USA) shoes,I guess any one with big foot size may have issue here. Remove the gloves and dispose them off, I wish they were meant to be re-used. Hands and feet will be wet, do massage all the essential oils etc and you will feel the hands and feet are much softer than before. I noticed a shine and softness, as if I had a long duration mani and pedi-cure. Even after washing my hands during home chores I could feel my hands more hydrated and soft than ever, no urgent need of any hand cream (its been 4 days after I have had used them now) So this product delivers what it claims, I am a Happy user. These can be used in your leisure time and even if you are doing some work, like typing on computer etc. 
NOTE: It has Alcohol in its ingredients I asked the company for clarification, this is what they replied:
"It's is industrial alcohol. There is industrial alcohol in medicine and all cosmetics and is safe to use"

  • Easy use
  • Hand and foot Spa at home
  • Availability in market (just for now)


4/5. A must try and effective product.


Hand Spa Ritual or Foot Spa Ritual is for Pkr 495/- each, a box of 5 pouches can be purchased for Pkr 2000/-. This will be available from exclusive Salons or Skin+i on Facebook, do check the website for product details.

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  1. Such a great way to pamper yourself, I'm definitely tempted Huda! x

  2. This seems like a great way to pamper hands and feet at home...thanks for sharing :)

  3. Your skin looks soft and shinny after using it....Nice review dear....xoxoxo....:)

  4. Wow it looks great and nice to share this one with us :)

  5. Really easy to use.Which is always a plus for a lazy person like me ;-)

  6. MA ur hands n feet look perfect . awesome review , its in my wishlist now x

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    nice review..

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