StageLine LIGHT Roll-on #12 Face & Body ~ Review and Swatches

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Wanna Highlight??? Have a look at StageLine LIGHT Roll-on which I have been loving lately for highlighting. Read More to Reveal More!!!
Stage Line LIGHT roll-on:

Iridescent and duo-chrome loose powder to apply as eye shadows and light points on lips, cheek-bone and body. Packaging in roll-on to apply directly and achieve more intensity of colour or with brush if less intensity is desired . 
StageLine LIGHT Roll-on #12
StageLine LIGHT Roll-on #12
StageLine LIGHT Roll-on #12

StageLine LIGHT Roll-on #12
StageLine LIGHT Roll-on #12
StageLine LIGHT Roll-on
StageLine LIGHT Roll-on
Roll-on Ball

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StageLine LIGHT on hand
StageLine LIGHT on EYES

Let me confess that I was not much into highlighting till this beauty came into my life. Yes I love this so much. My earlier experience with highlighters consist of one loose shimmer powder and a compact powder. But I must say this one is unique, not only different in its packaging but all together a different quality product I have ever came across. So NO COMPARISON at all!
Stage Line is a European brand, which recently celebrated its 75 years in the cosmetics world, mostly used and trusted by Professionals around the world. All the products are genuinely made and the quality is according to European standards. Light roll-on is just no-ordinary pigments, these are processed with high technology which smoothens and rounds (finish harsh edges) each pigment/particle individually. Therefor these well-milled pigments do not create any irritation. Just wanted to give you an insight now head over to my personal experience with this Damsel!
First noticeable thing is definitely its packaging, its a plastic square bottle with a roll-on head, and a Silver square cap. Easy to use, just twist open the cap and roll-on the desired area, then blend with a brush or fingers. It gives the most precised application. Blend with a brush or finger TADA! you are ready to rock it. The precised application helps me skip the porous areas of my cheeks, and still have that natural glow. I must say it does not make you a glitter ball at all, rather with right application skill it gives a very healthy glow. No separate particle can be seen on face, no sparkling twinkling glitters chunks can be noticed, trust me! I apply after my base sets (only primer or foundation). I also love to wear it without and prep and prime on my face. I roll it on my Nose bridge, Highest point of my Cheeks, over my eye-brow and on my brow-bone and chin. I do not wear low necks otherwise it is ideal to highlight collar-bones or any other part of body, you desire to highlight.  Most of all I love using it to add shimmer to my eyes. This can be dotted on to the matt lipsticks, with the help of brush or cotton-bud to add sheen. Staying power is decent as these are not loose pigments (they won't fly away with the air :p) they will stay as long as your base will last, provided a good application and perfect blending. They actually stick to the skin.
Only one precaution: DO NOT apply on wet base or skin, as it will wet the roll-on ball resulting in streaking of the product or bad application. So let the base set and then play with this LIGHT roll-on. So need special care while application if you are in hurry.

I got it in 4ml packaging which will last me ages. The range has many different shades upto 20. Mine is #12 a soft gold.

  • Smooth Highlighting
  • fine-milled pigments
  • No irritation 
  • Precise application
  • Blends easily
  • Gives Glow and shine
  • Multi Task product
  • Available in many shades
  • No Glittery chunks
  • Does not work well on wet base or skin

4.5/5. Love Love Love!!!


Available on Stage Line counters Nation wide, 4ml for Pkr 695/- and 3ml for Pkr 575/-. For further info join StageLine Facebook page for Pakistan here and visit the website.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Huda... This looks like a great brow bone/eyes highlighter...

  2. I love how this can be an eyeshadow topper on any makeup. Do a post where you layer it up on black and golden :-) Would love to see the swatch or eye look :-)

  3. Nice review and packaging......sounds great....xoxoxo....:)

  4. A very nice product .Roller ball is really unique way of application.Thanx for sharing:-)

  5. I love the packaging, so unique and different. The price is affordable too, definitely a plus point! x

  6. love the packaging n swatch ... seems like a good affordable product .. nice review ...thanks for sharing dear x

  7. it seems to be a great product~but i think its expensive for the amount

  8. its a nice color and so easy to use.Great review <3

  9. looks nice..loved it...
    great review..

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