Winter Care DIY for Cracked Heels and Dry skin + Tips

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Winter means rushing for every good product to make skin feel good, sans dryness. Let me share a D.I.Y that may help you through, and few tips which are Myth Breakers, trust me! Read More to Reveal More!!!

Winter Care DIY
Rose Water and Glycerin Pure (lemons are missing as I squeezed them earlier:p)
The Mixture of Rose water+Lemon juice+glycerin
This is not a secret of Alchemy ;) Its as simple as 1,2,3. All you need is:
  1. Rose Water
  2. Fresh Lemon Juice
  3. Glycerin Pure
What to do: Kaboom! mix them all in one bottle, all three in "equal quantity". If you wanna use it for face too then u may cut the quantity of lemon juice to half, to skip the tingling feeling on sensitive and dry facial skin. See its no scientific experiment:

How to use: Just before sleeping/slipping in bed (finally!) apply this watery mixture on too ur feet, esp the cracked heels, your hands and on your face, if you want. Before applying it on face do a PATCH TEST plz,  as lemon may irks the dryness and sensitivity. For your face you may decrease the quantity of lemon juice in mixture. As glycerin gives "chip chip" feeling I wont recommend its use in day time.
With Daily use you will feel difference not only in dryness of skin but also the skin will be much lighter, yes that is the lemon juice at its work. Glycerin will add softness to the skin, Rose water will maintain balance and keep skin refreshing and Lemon will help whitening.

History: I was going through the worst heel cracks, even Vaseline failed to help, and yes this all was long ago :p My Nano, used to use a mystery mixture at night, she offered me it many times but I always refused, as I was a rebel of home made remedies at that time. When my heels just started bleeding and I was unable to walk, all those long walks I had to from home to college and back, I trusted her mixture, the situation improved and one day I got very good compliments from my colleagues at my work place (FM Station). Since that Winters till date this is my trusted Mixture for every Winters. Do use it you'll feel obvious difference:) Sorry can't offer "money back guarantee" :p

CREDITS: I am really Thankful to Bia from Bia's Beauty find, for helping me with the posters for this DIY, she has done it even better than what I had in my mind. Thank you beauty! (the pictures of rose water and glycerin and the mixture are mine)

WINTER CARE TIPS: (Breaking Myths)

#1: As a kid I was always told to wash my face with cold water even in chill-y winters, as it was believed that warm water makes the skin dry. Although I never listened to any of such sermons and always washed my face with luke-warm water and bathed with the hottest water of all. I realized that washing face with extreme cold or hot water, both, makes it dry and cracked, test it if you doubt me. The key is to "use Luke-warm water for face wash", it doesn't give a frozen bite type effect to skin like chilled water may, and don't even burns the skin out like extreme hot water can. It doesn't strip off skin from essential oils and doesn't dehydrate.

#2: Wear socks all day, do apply Vaseline or any trusted foot cream, even the above mentioned DIY. But let your feet breath at night, yes don't wear a socks on feet while sleeping. It also has some scientific significance too, but for me its like letting my feet have a stroll in fresh air. Keep them clean, wash in the morning and wear the socks again filled in with all necessary moisturizers.

#3: Place a trusted Hand cream on the side of your water basin/sinks do apply it after every time you wash hands. The more you keep them hydrated the less trouble they get you in.

#4: Right before sleeping cover your lips under thick layer of Lip balm or lip butter, in the morning wash your face with warm water and gently rub the tooth brush on the lips. Off-it-goes all the flaky and dead skin, Apply your trusted lip balm and rock on the day, with or without any tint.

#5: Not into eye creams? No problem, at night apply your regular moisturizing night cream, or you simple cold cream on to the under eye area too, trust me it will work :)

#6: If your eyebrow hair or lashes fall in Winters as mine, then dab them with olive oil or castor oil.

#7: Olive oil is the best oil to be used in Winters, massage on skin, in hair, on face, and see the benefits :)

#8: Don't drink too much water in Winters as like Summers its not going out in sweats etc, so it will only make you visit "Bathroom" again and again, and yes it will also make you body swell, as its known that we gain weight in Winters, its water retention. This is my "Myth breaking" may be you differ on that. Drink as much as you need like 4 glasses a day, not in night plz :p
NOTE: This tip is for those who are living quite a semi-inactive life like me, I mean no exercise and walk or any job.

#9: Have a layer of flakes or dead skin, don't wanna scrub? No problem wash your face with your regular face wash, special for Winters, and after that rub you hands softly on your face, you will see the flakes going off and balling-up :)

#10: Wash your hair with warm water, but just to retain that shine in the hair, pour cold water at the end of shower only on your hair, that will help :)

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  1. Amazing post i will definitely try this :)

  2. OmG! Thanks for the lovely reference! I was glad to have helped you ^_^
    P.S. I have been using this tip for quite a while and it works!!

  3. Thanks for all the tips:-) Esp the glycerine one.Seems really helpful.

  4. Thumbs up for such a detailed post! :) xx

  5. tI'll try the glycerin and rosewater mixture for face and also olive oil for my eyebrows IA... :) Oh yes u r so right about not drinking too much water in winters... hanks for sharing these tips dear..

  6. 8 glasses are a must no matter what the weather condition keep systems up and running.great post.I love all the tips.will try to follow them now.esp the glycerine tip <3 God bless your nano xoxoxo

  7. such a good post ... m a big fan of tht rose water glycerine totaka ... hugs

  8. This is a very helpful post Huda! Btw I love the cute posters. <3

  9. I lovvvee DIYs :D Where did u get the glycerin Huda? It will come in handy :) and yayyy Bia!! She should be a graphic designer :)

  10. Amazing post with amazing tips...xoxoxoxo....:)

  11. u will not believe it is my mom all time fav diy ... thanks for sharing

  12. Helpful post. My heels certainly need some attention. thankx for sharing :)

  13. dont you think itll get on my bed sheet? i once applied vaseline *i need a thick layer as my heels are crcked* it made my bed sheet all oily and i got a good scold from my mom :/ you wouldnt believe i shampoo my hair in cold water in this cold weather, im hairoholic :v oils never worked out for me :/ it was a very helpful post ;) thanks for sharing <3


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