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A whitening polish made of all natural products and promises "GLOW", seems a "must-try" product. Does it live up the hype for me? Read More to Know More!!! 

What is it?
A luxurious hand blended silky powder, that glides over skin to whiten and brighten the complexion instantly.

What's in it?
100% natural combination of coconut milk powder, potato starch, milk, honey, rice and essential oils

How does it work?
Coconut milk contains natural silicones to create a very superior skin moisturiser. Combined with potato starch, which is a substantial source of Vitamin C, this product provides an amazingly natural bleaching effect. Honey acts as a natural humectant, attracting moisture to leave skin smooth and glowing.

How do I use it?
Pour onto wet hands, rub palms together to create a smooth paste, gently massage onto skin for 20 seconds and rinse off with cold water to reveal a radiant complexion. Use twice a day for optimum results.

Hello Glow Whitening Plus Facial Polish
Hello Glow Whitening Plus Facial Polish
Hello Glow Whitening Plus Facial Polish
Hello Glow Whitening Plus Facial Polish
Hello Glow Whitening Plus Facial Polish

Whitening has never been my cup-of-tea, but recent journey to Holy cities for performing of Umrah, blessed me with a tan, I call it "My-Holy-Tan". This was the time I was looking forward to try this product and see if it's claim of skin whitening is true or just a marketing-gimmick. While adjusting back to my daily routine at home, I started using it at night daily (missed only two or three nights) for two weeks. Okey I felt the glow and also the lightening of my skin (not whitening, as happens in bleaching). The process was slow as this is made up of all natural ingredients. It cleared out my Holy-tan with the use of approx ten days, the glow was also noticeable. So I will call it more of skin Lightening than whitening. So if you naturally have a dark/tan complexion so don't expect it to make you White (I strongly believe in loving the skin color we are in) but yes it will surely Lighten your complexion and provide a glow which is expected after natural blended polish, with daily usage. I recovered my "Holy-Tan" by use of almost 10 days, regularly. It leaves skin moisturized, so that's a plus that this does not rip-off skin from natural moisture, rather boost it.
Now few observations from the other side of the mirror. The first draw back is that as I left the usage, the glow was gone (not the lightened skin as I am naturally fair). The second draw back for the lather and chemical prone like me was the "usage" itself, as one has to really make the lather-less powder work on the wet-skin. Another annoyance for me is the OH-So-SWEET fragrance of coconut, but to achieve my complexion back I had to bear it, that's a personal preference though.
I have heard many complain about it giving break-outs so I had a special eye on this fact, yes I noticed few black and bumpy-heads too. But I found the solution that is: NOT TO SKIP YOUR REGULAR EXFOLIATION OR SCRUBBING DURING HELLO GLOW WHITENING POLISH's USE. So I started using my favourite scrub "St.Ives Green Tree Scrub" on alter days, during day time, and then I didn't notice any breakouts. Means its only a POLISH doesn't EXFOLIATE that well, so for exfoliation you need an aide. With all the proper care regimen you won't face face any problem.
Friendly Advice: If you want to try it out then its better to buy the trial pack first.

  • All natural products
  • Soap free
  • Skin start glowing
  • Skin Lightening (not-that-whitening)
  • Help you recover temporary Tan
  • Usage
  • Don't like coco-sweet-smell
  • Not a permanent glow
  • You think its pricey

3.5/5. Wish the effects were permanent.


The 30 mg packaging costs PKR 650/- and the 100 mg one costs PKR 1500/-. For online (Pakistan) visit Just4Girls & Beauty Arena. Check Rose Link Uk where the trial pack costs £4.99 and full size is for £9.99 with FREE UK DELIVERY.
In Karachi visit Vicki's (Bilal Arcade, D.H.A) in Lahore can get FREE home delivery from glamshop.pk.

For further details visit Hello Glow Pure Skincare Facebook fanpage.

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NOTE: This post may contain a PR post/product, my review and opinion is 100% honest with my readers. We do not intend to tempt the readers to purchase any product, this is just sharing of personal experience for guideline and to provide an idea about the product and its use. For details read the SMB POLICY HERE

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  1. Great post... I will definitely try this product. So much popping in Pakistani blogger community.

  2. the only problem is results only sustain with this product,as soon as you quit the results fade ......nice review

  3. I tried in moonlight dust and it does not work for me i hope this one will work..

  4. Honest review....I have also read mixed reviews about it.....it's results are not permanent.....xoxoxo....^_^

  5. It is pricey but great for a natural glow-temporary though. Overall, it's a good product.

  6. Thanks for sharing such detailed review...

  7. I never liked it.I am glad you gave it a honest review.thumbs up for that girl <3

  8. Thanks for sharing such detailed review...

  9. my experience is different .. will share soon :)

  10. urg, me too doesn't like a coco sweet smell :( You've got a nice review dear! very honest! ^_^ btw, I found your blog through GIG and following you now through bloglovin' and google+ :) I certainly wish that you can visit my blog and I hope you can follow back^_^
    GIgLove from http://switbbydoll.blogspot.com

  11. Heard a lot about it from many places but i do agree that it is expansive.Thanx for sharing :-)

  12. natural product and soap free. such a good point of this product! thanks for sharing!


  13. Great, honest review! I will definitely have a go at its trial size first.

  14. i havent tried this version, but i did try the rose one and the scent was just way too much for me! i couldnt even bring myself to use it, had to give it away to a friend.

  15. Results are very good but annoying smell :/


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