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Tuesday, May 20, 2014 Sparkling Palette Blog 1 Comments

Essence is one of those international brands welcomed with open hearts, cheers and applauds in Pakistan, for being the most affordable brand with a wide range competing with high ends. The magic lies in the brand introducing new series every now and then. I am a fan of this brand since the day its launched in Pakistan. I have tried many things almost form every series and also from there all time available products as well. Going through my "TO DO" folders I realized that there are many essence products need to be reviewed yet. I decided to dedicate a blog series to one of my favourite brand locally available that is: "ESSENCE". This means next few regular posts, or alternate posts, will be review from this brand. My tried and trusted products. You may check other sparkling posts on Essence, as well.
Keep watching this space for allot of colourful products like nail polishes, blushes, lipsticks and allot more from Essence Pakistan.
Keep a track of this series with hashtag #SMBlovesESSENCE on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Stay blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.
Keep Sparkling!!!
Love & Respect.


NOTE: This Blog series may contain a PR post/product, my review and opinion is 100% honest with my readers. SMB does not intend to tempt the readers to purchase any product, this is just sharing of personal experience for guideline and to provide an idea about the product and it's use. For details read the SMB POLICY HERE

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  1. I love Essence cosmetics!


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