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Tuesday, May 06, 2014 Sparkling Palette Blog 7 Comments

One problem that hinders many of us in buying a gel-liner, is its tendency to dry easily, Right??? There are many solutions to this but today I experienced one of my own, so wanted to share with you my beauties. Read More To Reveal More!!!

  • All you need is a drive in really hot weather :p
That's true! you heard me right. These days I am giving pick and drop to may pre-schooler, and with Summers already on peak in our region, IT-IS-REALLY-HOT here. I really feel roasted when I reach back home at noon time, poor my baby who has to bear the harshness of this weather. But its okey Pakistan is one of those countries which have the beauty of all four seasons, we experience a harsh Winter and Summer season and a full blooming Spring and then Fall/Autumn is also one of the sad beauties we have in here. The only thing which worsen the Summers for us is Electricity shortage. Don't know when the electricity shortage will be fixed, but I took advantage of the scorching heat and FIXED my dried up gel liner (I own only one from Luscious and trust me its the blackest I have seen and is water-proof, review here).
One day during heat and sun exposure, I thought of bringing my gel-liner along me (as I have heard that it can be fixed by placing on hot hair straightening iron, or dipping in hot water, so why not hot weather?). Well nothing can be more HOTTER than the car's dashboard these days. Today I simply took it along me and placed it on the dashboard, it took me two hours (as I had to do grocery and visit the eye specialist), all the time the gel liner was on the dashboard of my car. I came back home and opened the cap of my gel liner, it was so yummy, smoothly, melted and is working as fine as ever, rather more fine than ever. 
So did u like the idea? If you also have a dried up gel liner and you are by chance going for a drive on some HOT day, now you know whom to take along for a good company and a quick HOT FIX!

Hope you like the idea, share with me if you try this. Do share your own personal favourite fix for dried gel liners?
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  1. nice tip and so easy i must say

  2. Nice tip ...thnx for sharing
    My recent one :

  3. haha..what an can only except this from huda!
    shukar hai my gel eyeliner hasnt dried yet!
    nice tip dear.

  4. Darling you are a genius!! :D xo

  5. wow seriously you are really a genius ^_^ i will try it for sure

  6. I thank you all for appreciation and liking this tip :) Hope it works for you as it did for me :)


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