Organic Rosehip Facial Oil by Organic Love Pakistan

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 Sparkling Palette Blog 15 Comments

Have you ever used facial oils? This is my first experience with Organic Rosehip facial oil by Love Organic Pakistan. Read More to Reveal More!!!

Organic Rosehip Facial Oil
Organic Rosehip Facial Oil
Organic Rosehip Facial Oil- THE NOZZLE 
The pamphlet
Organic Rosehip Facial Oil
Contact details

Few drops of Rosehip Oil on my palm
Rosehip oil absorbed

Rosehip oil, extracted from the seeds of wild rose bush (details here), is getting famous in Europe, America and Australia for its benefits. Love Organic Pakistan are providing this original Organic Rosehip oil in Pakistan which is of good quality but quite affordable than the imported ones. Few words for the packaging, I love the pouch in which it came along a pamphlet, the dark coloured glass bottle resembles the one used in homeo-medicines (their is an air-went along the nozzle to make drops come out slowly). Well this is my first experience with any proper facial oil. I have combination skin, mostly dry on cheeks and around laugh-lines. Its been more than two weeks I am using this beauty, yes beauty it is. It is oil by name but very non-greasy and quick absorbing into skin. I applied it thrice a week mostly at night time, before sleeping. I can see a huge difference in my skin texture, its smooth, and glows. You can see in the swatch pictures that how it made my dry skin glow naturally without any greasy sheen. It has been trusted worldwide for treating skin problems like redness associated with rosacea or eczema. Helps in improving skin conditions like wrinkles and crow-feet. I apply few drops on my face in sections giving more attention to problem areas like cheeks, and areas prone to wrinkles or effects of early ageing. I must say I am impressed. I apply a very little amount on my T-zone which is oily. So far I haven't observed any reaction like redness or black heads etc. It is said to be working miracles on stretch marks etc. with a continuous use of one year, to test this I am applying it on few of my stretch marks lets see what it does, only time will prove :)
Being organic and pure Cancer patients (God forbid and save us all from this disease) can use this organic rosehip oil.
It can be purchased for Pkr 700/- for further details visit LOVE ORGANIC PAKISTAN's page on Facebook.

Application: 3-4 drops onto skin, massage lightly in circular movements with finger tips. DRY/MATURE SKIN apply a few drops daily. OILY/COMBINATION SKIN apply a few drops twice a week.

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  1. I was looking for rose hip oil in Pakistan, thank u for introducing such a wonderful product through your review.i have extremely oily skin, can i use it? i have red acne marks, would this il help with those marks as well? thanks

    1. Dear Thank you for your kind words. This product is safe for oily skin, but use only twice or once a week. Yes it has a positive effects on scars/acne marks. Hope it works for you :)

  2. something seems to worth trying !!

  3. Wow.. it is quiet cheap for price. usually it can be very expensive like my Trilogy one. So definitely need to buy some. And I have oily skin but it works for me. I use only 2 drops.

  4. I have oily skin and I am a huge fan of Rosehip oil. Use it every night. The product you review HUda, is quiet cheap for price as compare to other international brands. So definitely gonna stock up this one. Thanks

  5. Nice review the pix.....going to try it soon.....xoxoxo....^_^

  6. Wow nice review.I can see that it works.Hmmm so that was the reason behind your glow :)

    1. Yes dear you are right, it is ONE of those products adding to my glow MA.

  7. From where can I bu y it
    kindly guide me

  8. I want to buy it
    kindly guide frm where I cn gt it

  9. Replies
    1. Dear Hala, please contact the facebook page, link is given in the post.

  10. plz tell me where I can buy it online n price plz


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