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In the Summer-Time when the weather is NOT Right! (my own Desi version of the song). As to us Summer means Humidity, Scorching Sun, Burning Complexion, Oiliness, Pimples/Black-heads and what not! Pond's has introduced their new Face wash Pimple-Clear WHITE, and I must say Pond's never failed to impress me. Read More to Reveal More!!!

Fights 10 Oil & Pimple Problems for Clear, Fresh & Fairer Skin:
  1. Removes Excess Oil
  2. Clears Pimples
  3. Reduces Pimple related blemishes
  4. Reduces redness
  5. Calms skin
  6. Reduces blackheads
  7. Reduces whiteheads
  8. Smoothens roughness
  9. Tightens pores
  10. Brightens skin
Multi-Action Facial Wash
  • Oil Absorbing Clay
  • Pimple Fighting Salicyclic Formula
  • Brightening Essence
Love Pond's Basket :)
Surprise in the basket, Tada!
Pond's Pimple-Clear White
Pond's Pimple-Clear White
Pond's Pimple-Clear White

As I said in our region Summer is the season which also make us worry about many skin issues. I firmly believe that skin care starts with a good face-wash, according to one's skin type and issue-related. I have a combination/oily skin (due to unpredictable weather in Islamabad only my t-zone is oily but when I visit Lahore all my face is an oily-potato!). Its been more than two weeks I am using Pond's Pimple-clear White, multi-action face wash, and I love it! I know it will be a saviour for me and many in the coming oily-oily days. The packaging is the usual squeezable plastic tube, with a flip-open lid. The product is pearlescent greenish thick cream with micro green granules. The smell reminds me of Clay, and is not bothering at all. This one, like all other Pond's face washes, Lathers allot (personally love lather). This beauty proved itself in the worst conditions; when I return home at noon timings, after picking my pre-schooler. At that time my skin is not only burning with the rising degrees outside in the harsh Sun, but is all oily with sweat and heat. After settling myself into room-temperature I wash my face with Pond's WHITE, and trust me I feel as if someone has given me a facial in those few minutes. It does calm my skin. A little amount is enough for the proper cleansed feel. Now the actions this multi-tasker does so well, it cleanse, purifies the skin, removes all oil/dirt without stripping the skin of natural oils, as I never felt a tight-skin-feeling after using it. But it may be a bit naughty if you have a dry skin, as it accentuate any dry patches on my skin, if any! Obviously when the skin is cleansed properly then the pimples/black or white heads will reduce with time. The green micro beads help in scrubbing face gently. So yes if you have Combination/oily skin and want a skin saviour for Summers then get this beauty and place it on your skin-care rack. Then keep on singing "In the Summer time when the weather is right!" all Summers.

  • Delivers what promises
  • Removes oil/dirt without tightening
  • Calms skin
  • You have combination/oily skin
  • Micro beads help in gentle scrubbing
  • Affordable
  • You have dry skin

Available on Pond's counters nation-wide for PKR 250/-. For further details join Pond's Pakistan on Facebook, they tweet @PondsPk and G+ on +Ponds Pakistan.

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  1. This looks nice.. Although ponds never suits me..
    But this looks nice

  2. I love Ponds face washes but cant use this pimple clearing stuff coz of the ingredients in it.. Nice review.. :)

  3. this sounds promising....thanks for sharing

  4. It looks amazing...nice review dear......xoxoxo....^_^

  5. sounds good to me :D great review

  6. looks tempting .. m so gonna give it a try ,,, nice review :)

  7. i am interested in knowing its performance towards pimples and blemishes whats your experience


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