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Are you looking for an all Natural lip product??? Hello Glow 100% Natural Lip Liquid may be an answer to your search. Its Lead Free and Cruelty Free. Read More to Reveal More!!!


Calling all our gorgeous fans - your perfect lip stain has arrived! Lead free and cruelty free, it not only deposits a layer of beautiful colour without drying, it actually nourishes your lips with 100% naturally sources ingredients. Available in 3 sumptuous, teeth flattering shades, Coffee Mousse, Red Satin and Pink Rose. Grab yours from www.roselinkuk.com, just4girls.pk, beautyarena.pk and Vicky's.

SMB will review "Red Satin".
No lip-liner is applied.
Hello Glow Lips Liquid "Red Satin"
Hello Glow Lips Liquid "Red Satin"


I am amazed, contended and satisfied with Hello Glow Lip Liquid as finally we have a Lip product available which is all natural, its Lead-Free and Cruelty Free. Made from all the Natural ingredients like: Barberry root, Arrow root, bees wax, Grain Alcohol and Glycerine etc. Let me start from the packaging, its not different from the normal lip gloss packaging, transparent plastic cylinder bottle, doe-foot applicator, inscriptions in silver and a silver cap. It has a fragrance but nothing much bothering, on application one may feel sensation as of some minty-tinge, I personally don't mind, and it goes within seconds. Let me make it clear that first time the product on application may seems a little different from our routine lip products but nothing to worry, results will  make you all at ease. I personally feel as if I am applying a paste of beetroot on my lips, its so fresh in colour and natural. It is very pigmented. The application is smooth, one may need two coats maximum to make it all opaque. It dries/set in a reasonable time,the rest you can see in the swatches. The shade "Red Satin" is a fresh red with yellow undertones. Well on the packaging a different way of application is mentioned: " Apply press lips for few seconds, dab with little water and Voila...", I tried that but felt nothing different, only that the extra product was washed...??? So I just apply it and let it dry. It is very LIGHT, as if nothing on lips, once set. Nothing creamy, glittery, smearing and bleeding on ur lips, all is set like a perfect lip-tint. The staying time is 1-2 hours depend on your crunching and munching :p. But don't worry it leaves a tint behind and can always be re-applied as its travel friendly and can be popped in the purse/clutch. It doesn't dry lips, but its better to exfoliate your dried lips before hand. Sometimes it fades un-evenly, but a retouch can always save the day! Available in two more lovely shades "Coffee Mousse" and "Pink Rose".

Price is: Pkr 1000/-. Grab yours from www.roselinkuk.com, just4girls.pk, beautyarena.pk and Vicky's. It will soon be available at Glamshop.pk.

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  1. I was a bit skeptical because of the packaging but it looks super hot on you......xoxo

  2. my favorite red shade...looks gud on you :)

  3. It suits you so perfectly. Red satin is a love

  4. Looks great on you Huda. Lovely shade and very matte.

  5. very nice review. red shade is my favorite, i really like it.


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