Luscious Lip Couture "Scandal" & "Paparazzi"~Review & Swatches

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I am in "LOVE" with Luscious Lip Couture. Read More to Reveal More!!!
Luscious Lip Couture:

Introducing Lip Couture: vibrantly rich colour and shine in a luxurious, creamy formula. A Luscious innovation that provides the full colour coverage of a lipstick and gorgeous shine of a lip gloss. Conditions your lips in a hydrating cushion of pure indulgence in 7 stunning shades. Inspired by the world of high fashion, it's couture for your lips.
Contains no animal ingredients
Alcohol free

Luscious Lip Couture "Scandal" & "Paparazzi"
Note: NO gloss or lip pencil applied in Lip-swatches.
Luscious Lip Couture "Scandal" & "Paparazzi"
Luscious Lip Couture "Scandal" & "Paparazzi"
Luscious Lip Couture "Scandal" 
Luscious Lip Couture "Paparazzi"
Luscious Lip Couture "Scandal"
Luscious Lip Couture "Paparazzi"

I am very very late on the Band-wagon, and I really regret for being so late in trying Luscious Lip couture, better late than never! Thanks to a fellow blogger Bia from The Beauty Find for sending these beauties as a gift. From the first swatch I am in love with these, the shade, the pigmentation, the coverage, the staying time, the style, the extra oomph... I am totally knocked-out! Let's start from the packaging, its a regular transparent long tube with a twist open black cap, doe-foot wand, but the unique thing about the packaging is the floral print, that's eye and heart catching, full marks here for the print. This actually is a "liquid Lipstick"= A lipstick that can be applied like a gloss (if I am making any sense here:p) something like Rimmel's Apocalips (hope that makes sense!), but surely I like these more, for being best in quality and more pocket friendly. A little description of shades:

  • Scandal: A bold red with tones that makes it tilt on Maroon side, still fresh and scandalous as RED
  • Paparazzi: A bold but beautiful PINK, pink,pink and only Pink!
Both shades are pigmented, staying time is as good as 4 hrs (if you are not attending a girl's fun time, munching and chattering) and a little touch up cause no trouble. Application is easy. Do not bleed. Both shades are highly glossy and look as if glazed, but sans even a hint of shimmer, A plus. Since the day I own them I have been sucking these Lip coutures, I love the extra oomph they add on for any occasion and that extra plus feminine-sexiness, Scandal is used in a Makeup look here.


5/5. These beauties deserve to be in the stash of every beauty!


Available on all Luscious Cosmetics counters for Pkr 575/-. Online available at Luscious site and
Note: Scandal shade is not available on Luscious site.
For further details check Luscious Cosmetics on Facebook.

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  1. These look amazing. The pigmentation is great and they look so glossy. :)

  2. You're more than welcome! :-*
    Your swatches are smooch-worthy! Better than any other Lip Couture swatches I have seen so far!
    I am so happy that you loved them! ^_^

    1. Awwwwweee I am overwhelmed with joy, Thank you dear sooo much :*

  3. Wow amazing pigmentation.. I have one in shade En Vogue... Scandal is such a gorgeous red., is lookin great on you... <3 thanks for sharing :)

  4. Paparazzi is so gorgeous! Love your lip swatches! :D xx

  5. Papparazzi is such a love....
    both look gorgeous on you huda :)

  6. I think I just fell in love with Paparazzi. Your lip swatches are gorgeous :)

  7. lovely swatches,i own scandal and yes it is to die for...just spuerb

  8. Beautiful colors. They look great on you huda. Nice review.

  9. Love the pouts :) Great review as always.I think apocalyps is dry and more like lip stain whereas the lip cotour is liquid-y.I love scandal but I wish it did not bleed so much :(

  10. paparazzi is such an amazing shade will be getting it soon by the way great review :)

  11. Hey,
    Just came across your blog and really liked it.
    Would you like to follow each other!
    keep in touch

  12. wowww love the swatches .. SEXYYYYY lips ;)

  13. Both shades are pretty pigmented and you have swatched both nicely.

    sahar blogs


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