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Winters come with allot of worries for skincare esp chapped and dried lips. Recently I was introduced to an 100% organic brand Well-Beeing, which has a good range of Lipcare products, so did they work for me. Read More to Reveal More!
Montreal Born, Handcrafted, Natural Ingredients, Bath, Body & Beauty Products.

Well-Beeing Bee-Happy and Bee-Kissed lip scrubs
BEE-HAPPY (lip Scrub):
Lickable Lip Scrub Rs 250

BEE-HAPPY is packed full of fresh peppermint that gives tingly cooling feeling. With a clean finger, apply & exfoliate to improve texture, leaving lips moisturised and soft. Be sure to lick off the minty flavor to freshen your breath and to satisfy your sweet tooth. Your lips are prepared for your favorite lip color, balm or a smooch.
BEE-HAPPY (lip Scrub)
 Mint, mint all the way! This scrub is love but a little less effective on dried and chapped lips. I'd suggest application of a lip balm prior to its use so the dry skin on the lips may be removed easily by this. The formulation is dry-er and not that combining, although the granules are quite micro and workable, but it all scatter on the lips while application. The peppermint freshness is not ignorable, it gives you a fresh start of the day with a fresh breath.

BEE-KISSED (Lip Scrub):
Exfoliating Almond + Sugar Lip Polish With Anise and Mint Freshness. Rs 550

This rich, buttery, creamy cushioning formula has dual action. It gently exfoliates lips, moisturizes and make them plump while being low sheen. Instantly you will feel and see the difference in the texture, color and appearance of the lips. Almond meal and glycolic buff away dry flakes profoundly and conditions the surface, leaving lips incredibly soft and smooth. Sugar, natural humectants that prevent moisture loss and nourish the skin. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties and interacts directly with the cells, neutralizing free radicals, preventing signs of aging. Pepper mint and Anis Essential oils offers scrumptious taste and invigorating aroma. The taste is sweet and breath freshening. Proven to keep lips moisturized for more than 6 hours. 100% reported healthier-looking, smoother, softer, hydrated lips with improved texture. Exfoliates and removes dry patches while making lips supple and revitalize.
BEE-KISSED (Lip Scrub)
This is the ONE! my kinda scrub, all butter and granules that stay a little longer, works effectively on the dried and chapped lips and help them to stay moisturised and hydrated for a longer period, I often skip the lip balm application after this one. Its a love trust me. The Almond infused with sugar and the rest of the ingredients making a wonderful buttery paste which is heaven to apply and a love for dried-up lips. I am using it these days, sometimes wash it off, and sometime keep it on all night, to wake up to beautiful and soft subtle lips.

BEE-HAPPY (Lip Scrub):

BEE-HAPPY (Lip Scrub)
This is a Desi-Love, when I was given this to try at the meet-up (Kuch Khas event) I was like "Yumm! its gurrh (brown-sugar) and saunf (anne-seeds) wow! wow! wow!" lolz and yes its exactly that. This is the fact I love about this brand"Well-Beeing" that each product is rich of natural aromas of the key ingredients. It is granulated but the texture is formulated such, with a combining solution, that application is not much hassle. As its brown-sugar, the granules melts while scrubbing and you get the whole-goodness for Winter lip-care. I love it! (not sure if its available for sale as its in the testing phase)

Well-Beeing Bee-Sunny, Bee-Minty and Bee-Indulged
BEE-SUNNY (Lip Tint):
Spicy + Citrus + Fresh + Shimmery Turmeric Lip Tint. Price Rs 450

This formulations is slippery, low sheen, smooth, salve and weightless. It has moisturizing hydrating and soothing texture. When applied on the lips this lip tint glides easily, gives a nude tint and is rich in healing properties thanks to turmeric. Blend of lemon, orange, pepper mint and eucalyptus essential oils are refreshing and up lifting.
BEE-SUNNY (Lip Tint)
Ok turmeric is the well-known healing agent used in sub-continent since ages, and this lip balm surely has that warmth and healing effect to it. I am not sure, its only the piece I got, or this lip balm is harder than the rest of the range I got, its hard to pick. When applied it doesn't apply smooth but a little like plastic, and chunks appear instead of melting on to lips, with a yellow-ish tint. But this apparent flaw doesn't effect the beauty at the core, this balm has a fresh feel, healing and soothing.

BEE-MINTY (Lip Balm):
Pepper mint lip balm Price Rs 450
100% Natural handcrafted Bee’s wax based lip balm.

Weightless, slippery and gliding texture of this lip balm is moisturizing, hydrating and soothing and has a mild sheen. Pepper mint essential oil provides a refreshing cooling effect on the lips and is breath freshening as well. Get ready to pucker up.
BEE-MINTY (Lip Balm)
As the name suggests its all MINT, from top to core, but not that over powering mint which may give you headache. The moisturisation is average with this Lip Balm. Whenever I apply this one I get a fresh feel. It is better to scrub the lips first and then apply this so you get a smooth feel. Agree that it is weightless. Better be a spring lip balm for me :)

Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Price Rs 450

Weightless, slippery and gliding texture of this lip balm is moisturizing, hydrating and soothing and has a mild sheen. Pepper mint essential oil provides a refreshing cooling effect on the lips and is breath freshening. Chocolate and cocoa powder is added for flavor and a mild tint. It’s like after eight chocolate for the lips . Get ready to pucker up on a romantic date.
My most favourite of the lot! This is a lip balm which is warm and yum, yes I feel a warmth of chocolate indulged in the coolness of mint when applied. It has very micro cocoa-granules which melts on applications but gives a very good feel/sensation to lips. Although its not edible, as suggested by brand, but being all organic I won't mind licking it, lolz, just to get the flavour of chocolate in the cold Winter evening. Bee-Indulged is moisturising.


These pots are full o f Natural and Organic benefits from mother nature, esp the "Bee-wax". "Bee" also being the ambassador of the brand too. The Lip care products are affordable and enough for a quite long time usage, no compromise on quality and quantity. Lip Scrubs are priced at Rs. 250 and Lip Balms are for Rs. 450 each (subject to change) . Each product comes with the whole goodness and benefits of its each key ingreident. All products are hand-crafted. No preservatives are added, thus its chemical free, 100%. Few cares are to be taken:
  • Keep in dry and cool place
  • Always use clean and dry hands 
  • Keep away from water, if you want these to survive for a longer period
  • Suggested shelf life is 1 year (may vary for products*)
  • Pregnant ladies must use with caution (not that these harmful but the nasty game of hormones and changing taste buds may effect the liking)
For availability, ordering and further details of products ingredients, properties and usage kindly visit the brand on their facebook page, WellBeeing.

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