Asian Fashion To Parade in London Again

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Asian Fashion To Parade in London Again 

Asia’s fashion elite are ready to converge on London once again for the premier fashion event, Fashion Parade, at the trendy Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London on June 11, promising a grand celebration of Asia’s finest fashion creations. 
The spectacular fashion extravaganza has an esteemed line-up from Pakistan, India, and the UK, including Syeda Amera, Seher Tareen, Areeba Asif, REMA, Rani Emaan, Ali Xeeshan, Isha and Narmita Rajpal from Rose Room Couture (Aashni + Co), Hira Shah and Jyoti Chandhok. 

Launched in 2013, Fashion Parade is the brainchild of Sadia Siddiqui, founder of Mustang Productions that is responsible for organising the event in London, the fashion capital of the world, to provide a platform to the biggest and most popular designers from South Asia, in association with Ammara Hikmat of Encyclomedia PR in Pakistan. 
“I launched Fashion Parade in London to bring the world of Asian fashion to the capital and show the wonders of Asian design. It is important and close to my heart to show Europe another side of Asian culture,” Sadia said. 
Sadia Siddiqui
PR genius Ammara Hikmat, who has partnered with Saadia's vision to make this platform a brand expressed excitement over the third upcoming show. "Introducing big designers on a show works in favour of organisers and other stakeholders involved equally. Familiar brands pull attention anyway. We keep a balance between emerging brands and well known names. It's more challenging but being an equal opportunity platform is what makes this show unique. Fashion Parade changed the way fashion shows were held locally for the past so many years. At a time when Pakistani fashion shows used to be week long having a crowd of hundreds, Fashion Parade introduced a short sweet show with a single row seating and it became a trend.
Ammara Hikmat
Running in its third edition this year, Fashion Parade not only promises stunning designs from this part of the world, but also a guest appearance of five-year-old Laila Naim, better known as first Pakistani to model for 159-year-old British luxury powerhouse brand, Burberry. 
The participating designers expressed their feelings at presenting at this prestigious fashion platform. Areeba Asif said she was very excited to showcase at Fashion Parade and was looking forward to it. “It’s a great opportunity to showcase my collection. It’s a fusion collection with hints of western wear. I designed this specifically for the Fashion Parade,’ she added.  
After having completed schooling from Lahore and London, Areeba graduated from SOAS in Bachelor of Arts in Law and Politics and upon moving back to Lahore she began styling for HELLO! Pakistan. She completed the Vogue Fashion Course at Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design after which she realised her true calling and passion for designing rather than styling and journalism, which led to creating her fashion brand.
The name of her collection is ‘A Solicited Star’ that mainly revolves around mirror work to bring in old techniques of fashion of the subcontinent in fusion/western wear. It has tones of lilacs, pastels and mint green. The collection is a blend of Pakistani craftsmanship with international, western silhouettes; the cuts are quite internationally suitable. “I have created jumpsuits, dresses, long jackets, high-waist flared pants, all keeping in mind the international markets. The embellishment is Pakistani while the cuts are western,” she explained her collection. 

Jyoti Chandhok from India also expressed her excitement at being given the opportunity to showcase her collection “to an elite audience at this very prestigious venue by Fashion Parade who are building a reputation for such exclusive events”. 
Talking about her collection, Jyoti said, “My collection is about my passion for my hometown and its rich heritage. Its high architecture and magnificent parks. It's about rejoicing beauty and colours and straddling continents to blend the fabrics and embroideries of the East with the silhouettes and cut of the West. Well-travelled global audience are able to enjoy with confidence the heady mix of the rich fabrics embroideries from various parts of the world, made into outfits which most modern young ladies will be able to enjoy in Delhi, Lahore or London. The world has shrunk and there's a huge exchange of ideas, inspiration from everywhere. I have tried to use all that to give a truly global collection.” 
Namrata Rajpal of Rose Room Couture by Isha and Namrata Rajpal from India says, “Fashion Parade is a great international platform for us to showcase our collection at. We are honoured to be a part of a very stylishly put together show by a great team.” 
With a backbone of a 50-year-old garment export company behind them, these young entrepreneurs have learnt on the job, what it is to deliver quality of international standards having worked with brands ranging from BCBG Max Azaria, Pinko, Karen Millen, Zara, Mossimo Dutti, DKNY and the likes.
About their collection, Namrata said, “A combination of delicacy and substance are at the essence of the collection that infuses modern day elegance with a powerful feminine energy. The lavish creations are in sensational colours and extraordinary fabrics that are reminiscent of the Victorian era, pure glorious splendour, complete with an edgy twist that modernises the collection just enough. The transparency of laces, embellishments, drapes and seductress leathers are fine enough to embody a fashion vision where everything is permitted. The light chiffon with lace inserts in blouses are a hybrid expression of ‘Tour de Force’.” 
She further explained that women globally believe in power dressing, like to make a statement and believe in edgy fashion. “The strong identity of Rose Room Couture lies in its super feminine and fantastical style, breaking free from seriousness and old school traditions. A perfect blend of bold cuts and rich embroideries, Rose Room Couture speaks of the mystery and sensuality hidden in every girl,” she added. 
Isha and Namrata Rajpal

Pakistan’s hottest sensation right now, Rema Qureshi said, “I am really looking forward to showing at Fashion Parade this year. Fashion Parade has become a super platform to display local talent and for Pakistani talent to connect with an international audience. People have been curious to see more from my brand and this is a great opportunity for me to showcase my designs and hard work.”
Rema specialises in the premium and luxury segment for women and men. The product range includes jewellery, accessories, apparel and handbags with an exclusive bespoke range. Rema is the first local brand to launch luxury bespoke handbags adorned with personal photographs that has caught the fancy of celebrity fans such as Sadaf Fawad Khan, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, Mawra Hocane, Mehreen Syed, amongst others. The company has a robust social media presence with a recently launched online store Exotic influences paired with unique details are Rema’s signature aesthetic, bringing out the multiple dimensions of the wearers personality, ensuring s/he feels bold, chic and ready to take on the world.
Talking about her must sought after collection, Rema said, “The latest collection WanderLuxe pushes the boundaries, using semi-precious stones, stellar materials and hardware and leather detailing, mixing new elegance with character and depth, all at once. The Cuspate collection meets wanderlust-inspired fusion pieces that embody femininity and adventure. These statement designs consist of edgy neck pieces in all styles, eye-catching earrings, rings with spunk, and leather handbags - all versatile pieces take you, the confident REMA woman, from day to night, setting you apart from the crowd.” 
She further said, “All my pieces have a very global feel about them - they are not confined to a certain type of personality or culture - they have the ability to be manipulated for any look which makes them very wearable. My collection is intricately fused with Asian culture; leather for handbags from the finest tanneries, hardware from Europe, handcrafted and perfected in South Asia and delivered to clients all over the world. The designs are constructed of the finest materials and superior craftsmanship, influenced by my experiences and travels - each piece created by REMA embodies the spirit of inclusive globalism.” 
Another participating designer, Syeda Amera, said showcasing her collection at Fashion Parade was an opportunity to present her work to the mass consumer in the UK. “We are excited to be a part of this fashion forward platform that is celebrating Asian entrepreneurs successfully since the past couple of years and has raised the level of Pakistani fashion appreciation to another level. Exposure and accessibility are two main things I am looking forward to as my aim is to hit the right target market for my collection,” she added. 
Designing from quite a young age, Amera has officially been working and designing in fashion under her label since 2008. Her label includes prêt-a-porter, haute couture and bridals. Offering a range of different smart casuals and luxury prêt, her main aim is to help women dress in a style that would complement their personality. Her use of feminine patterns and flattering lines are perfect for any confident women.
Talking about her collection, Amera said, “Our summer collection 2015 ‘Fringe Gone Wild’ is all about ubiquitous flapping, swinging fringes. As the fringe trend moves and shakes its way into fashion, it is one of the biggest trends filling in this season giving a serious ‘70s vibe. There are touches of fringe that will undoubtedly be all over the runway. Bringing the fringe back into spotlight, our version of this ‘70s trend will be incredibly glamorous and ultra-feminine. There are easy to pull off dresses in deep sensual bohemian colours, fringes adorning mini-dresses, evening gowns and skirts. Simple thread fringe to Russian braid and plain beaded to fabric. All these pepped up with intricate embellishment and fabric manipulation on premium quality jersey and nets.”
Explaining the global appeal of her collection, Amera said, “My upcoming collection is based on the fringe trend this season. This particular collection is all set to cater to the global audience as it aims at presenting a western design philosophy. ‘Fringe gone wild’ is designed keeping in mind the latest and upcoming fashion trends and we assure the market that our version of this 70’s trend will be incredibly glamourous and ultra feminine as never seen before.” 
Syeda Amera
Designer and model Hira Shah from the UK is showing ‘Affascinante’, an Italian word that means fascinating, captivating, intriguing, enchanting and glamorous. ‘Affascinante’ is a celebration of intriguing Pakistani hand work and Scandinavian pastels. 
Hira Shah’s spring/summer 2015 collection is a perfect blend of two cities, Stockholm and London. The aim is to seamlessly dovetail east and west by utilising Pakistani embellishments amalgamated with a Swedish colour palette comprising neutrals and pastels. The theme ‘Stockholm to Pakistan’ was a reminder that Europe’s fashion industry has increasingly turned to Asia to produce extravagantly hand worked pieces as it has become prohibitively expensive to make them locally. Her objective was to flip the equation so that everything that looked intricately and completely Pakistani was actually combined with an element taken from Stockholm, almost like a love affair between Pakistani embellishments and the Swedish colour palette. In other words, a celebration of Swedish minimalism with Pakistani maximalism. 
“To say that I’m absolutely ecstatic to be showing at such a prestigious event would definitely be a colossal understatement. I'm really excited and humbled at being given the opportunity to show my collection to such an esteemed audience. Fashion Parade is a great platform for any designer to showcase their work and to be seen by the world media and fashion community. Furthermore, I'm not only thrilled to be showcasing my latest collection, but also extremely enthusiastic about interacting with many of the designers and industry professionals that I hold with such high regard,” she said. 
Talking about the global appeal of her designs, Hira said, “As a fashion designer, I am constantly exploring new media to inspire and inform my design philosophy. My aim is to create a brand that is based on a conceptual approach to design. The fundamental nucleus of my design philosophy has always consisted of innovatively exploring and combining eastern influences with western silhouettes. I have always had an eclectic approach to design based on my Pakistani background and subsequent training and experience within Europe. My inspiration, creative expression and target audience has always been globally focused. 
“Through my work I want to bridge the gap between east and west. Originating from Pakistan and living in the UK, which is a country that celebrates diversity. I am an artist that paints a Pakistani story with a European twist. I take inspiration from the places I have lived in or visited, which includes UK, Ireland, Sweden and Pakistan.  I fuse them together to create a modern art piece that is not only appealing to local tastes, but also to a global audience,” she explained. 

Hira Shah
Lastly, Pakistani fashion sensation Ali Xeeshan, who is also part of the event, said, “We are super excited to be a part of this prestigious platform. The Fashion Parade team is extremely professional and easy to work with. The response is overwhelming already.” 
Revered for his irreverent approach towards fashion, Ali Xeeshan took the industry by storm with his unorthodox interpretation of fashion and his unprecedented creativity, which quickly made him one of the most sought after names in the industry. He has since then marked his territory with bold and artistic designs with a creative flair for fashion. While predominantly a couturier focusing on formal and bridal wear, Ali has also diversified into a prêt-à-porter line, menswear collections and a complete range of accessories.
Talking about his collection, Ali said, “This carnival collection is all about embracing a spirit of dressing up. Bold floral print will give a signature taste of Ali Xeeshan’s creativity. Black and white fabrication is there to add a little sophistication of British royalty. The basic ingredient is Pakistani heritage fused with contemporary cuts that will attract fashionable women from every and any region of the world.” 
Ali Xeeshan
Seher Tareen
Sponsors for the event include Habib Bank, Saracin Bank, UBL, Dabur, Newland Manor and Rangoonwala Foundation. 
Follow updates from Fashion Parade on Instangram @FashionParadeLondon and on twitter @fashionparade.


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