Atiqa Odho Cosmetics Lipsticks

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In cravings of International brands we often overlook our local gems. Today Atiqa Odho Cosmetics' five lipsticks are under #SPB spotlight! Read More to Reveal  More!!!


Odho Cosmetics Lipsticks
Odho Cosmetics Mirror
Odho Cosmetics Lipsticks

(L2R) Bashful, Pleasure, Rapture, Obnoxious, Peaceful


I am an admirer of local brands, reason being, they are an outcome of a Pakistani's hard-work, then being local the brand compasses our skin tones and needs better. Atiqa Odho Cosmetics are in the local market for quite sometime now, I remember owning one of their lipsticks back in University days. That was a very dark-maroon-ish-brown shade. Packaging was the same, but now the brand has sort-of-relaunched itself again.
The first thing one notice about the lipsticks is its packaging, yes it looks very royal/luxurious. If you are a fan of simple and decent packaging then "its not for you baby!". With all its Golds and Reds the elegant packaging seems to be once possessed by the Egyptian Queens. Enough said! Its all  plastic but of good quality. The bullet comes out with the old twist-up mechanism. The caps has the names of the shades and also the swatch of the shade as-well. I got a heart-shaped mirror in my package, It is small but good for travelling :)
Lipsticks are very pigmented ranging from Matte, satin, semi-matte, sheen to metallic finish. The shade on bullet is the shade you get on lips. Let's review the shades individually:


Odho Cosmetics Lipstick BASHFUL
This is a semi-matte lipstick, get hundred and ten in pigments department. Has a heavy-on-the-lips feel. The shade is quite different, not the run-of-the-mill type, very unique. It is Dull Grey-ish Brown Nude, cool toned, I hope my explanation makes some sense. I find this shade quite mature for my liking. Can not be worn alone, for this one really need to be in full makeup/or theme makeup. Will suite all complexions.
Note: A fellow blogger has lovingly added that this shade is quite IN these days and one can see such shades in MAC collections and the infamous Cashmere of Limecrime, great it means we can have such shade just on budget. Thanks Bia!


Odho Cosmetics Lipstick PLEASURE
Pleasure is a very muted pale pink shade with a lot of glitters in it, the finish is matte. With an awesome smokey eyes makeup this shade can be like cherry on the top, only "if you like glitter in your lipstick". Well if worn alone it may give you a washed-out look. Suitable for Fair complexions.


Odho Cosmetics Lipstick RAPTURE
A very lush Red I must say. Rapture has got a sheen finish, and applies smoothly. It tends to bleed, all Reds do, so no worry. I actually like this Red, I tell you I am very choose-y when it comes to Red Lipsticks. This won me over though. This lipstick has a very light feel to it, very very light! Suitable for all complexions and a must for brides-to-be.


Odho Cosmetics Lipstick OBNOXIOUS
This is a very beautiful and unique shade, I wonder why they named it "obnoxious" :p It is a copperish-orange. I loved this shade allot, as it is unique shade. A must for brides-to-be, as this shade will endorse every kaam-wala-jorra in your wardrobe, and even make you look like newly-wed if you are in simple clothes :) This won my heart. Suitable for all complexions.


Odho Cosmetics Lipstick PEACEFUL
This is a purplish pink shade with sheen finish. It doesn't apply all-opaque. On my lips it seems as if I am wearing a film of sheen. I like that, this also has a very light feel to it as if you don't have anything on lips. Suitable for fair to medium complexions.

Overall I am impressed by the performance of these lipsticks from a local brand, ISO certified, and with no animal fats used in making of these lipsticks they claim it to be user friendly and "Halal". Providing the range of shades in the given price it must be the pick of all the beauties on budget. The luxe packaging makes it a best choice for brides-to-be and also an appropriate gift for such occasions.

Available nationwide, even on local cosmetics stores, price Pkr 350/-. For further details and online orders visit Odho Cosmetics on Facebook.

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  1. Huda, such a lovely detailed review. I also remember their older packaging and shades back when I was a tomboy not quite into makeup. Those were all frosty browns which never flattered me. I am glad they have such variety now :-)
    That first shade is the most unusual - but very hit nowadays. Check Limecrime CASHMERE and MAC RiRi collection... there are cool-toned browns which instagram MUA are loving.
    You can seriously pull of all colors <3 Much Love ^_^

  2. Nice Review Huda... I like Peaceful n Pleasure so much!

    Love XoxoX

  3. lovely swatches dear I have one passion shade it's a bright pink and I like it pleasure is a lovely shade too

  4. Such a beautiful shades. The glitter in these lipsticks will make them not to wear every day but still good for special occasions like you said. Great review and lovely swatches :)

  5. Lovely swatches like always. Rapture has to be my favorite among these. For the price, these lipsticks are not at all bad.

  6. Last three shades are really beautiful. As always I am drooling over your lip swatches. Lush

  7. Pretty colors all are lovely thanks for sharing :-* :-)

  8. Great review Huda. I remember how excited I was when this line was first launched and I went specially to try them out. A great range of colours and they were appealing. But unfortunately none of the lipstick looked good on me. The formulation was very glossy and sticky and rubbish I must say. But glad now they have worked on their product.

    That mirror, Obnoxious and rapture stole my heart though.

  9. You are rocking all of the shades so well! I would love to get my hands on rapture and obnoxious. :) xx

  10. These lipstick looks so good for the price :) And I love your informative review and your swatches are ahmazing and ooh I love your blog new layout so elegant :) keep it up,xoxo :)

  11. wow i didnt know Odho makeup was halal.I will definitly try the lipsticks now.The shades look uber pretty on you.I always enjoy watching your lip swatches <3

  12. The colors look great. However, i had a bad experience with thia brand years ago when it launched. Never bought anything from them since :) 

  13. Very long ago I used to have a blusher by Atiqa Odho, loved it!

  14. I am totally in love with Odho cosmetics lipsticks. They have such a nice formula and pigmentation. I have never seen a red lipstick as beautiful as "Ravishing". Rapture and Obnoxious are on my list now :)

  15. Haye those swatches!! Loved your detailed review :D -Sadaf

  16. lovely shades plus nice packaging


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