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When everyone around is raving about liquid lipsticks, I had to try one, and what could be better than DMGM "Photo Fix Lip Color". Read More to Reveal More!!!
DMGM Photo Fix Lip Color:

Get set for instant glamour with just a one step sweep of light weight, non - transfer liquid lip- color.
Provides exceptional coverage with a moisturizing rich matte finish. Longwearing & comfortable on the lips. Won't feather or smudge.

For a perfect finish, outline your lips with DMGM Photo Fix Lipliner selecting a shade similar to the lipstick shade chosen and fill in gently with Photo Fix Lip Color.

-  Allow at least 4-5 minutes drying time after application for stability.
-  For a more gorgeous effect use Diana Extreme shine lip gloss over lipstick.

DMGM PHOTO FIX "Italian Rose"
DMGM PHOTO FIX "Italian Rose"
DMGM PHOTO FIX "Italian Rose" Hand swatches
Our Speciality!
DMGM PHOTO FIX "Italian Rose"

This is not only my first Liquid lipstick rather its my favourite one too. Before going in the details of my love for it, lets discuss its packaging. It is a small square-edged transparent tube with a black cap, all plastic, but sturdy. It has a doe-foot applicator. It gets full marks, plus its travel friendly. Its petite!
The product is really a wonder, the liquid lipstick applies smoothly, dries in a perfect time, but as we all know application of a liquid lipstick is a skilful task. No, not difficult to master at all, just apply a thin layer, with your lips lightly/loosely stretched, let it dry, no pressing of lips and  no over-layering, Voila! its Photo fixed! The product is very pigmented so one gets a perfect shade in just one swipe. No cakey, plastic or flour type of feeling. Its light, just remember its trick is in its simple application.
The shade "Italian Rose" #338, first of all has a romantic name, then its a very romantic color. Its kinda muted "Rosey Pink" with blue undertones, which gives it a touch of "Lilac". It may look a little bright in swatches but in real its just that innocent girl-next-door kinda shade. Suitable for all skin tones from fair to dusky. Staying power is really fab, lasted on my lips till I myself removed it using my regular makeup remover, approx 6-8 hrs. Yes, like all liquid lipsticks it won't survive any greasy food. As I say, little retouching won't hurt anyone!

Available nationwide for Pkr 1050/-.

For further details check their facebook page and visit their website.

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  1. One cant go wrong with these. I have it and love it.

  2. What a gorgeous shade. Love your lip swatches <3 DMGM Photo fix lip colors are love and thanks to you I know have one more shade in my stash :) Would love to grab more soon IA

  3. OMG LADY! Your swatches are always to die for!!!! <3 Love the shade so much and you just sold it to me!! :D xo

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  4. such a pretty shade it is ... i love your lip swatches

  5. This is my first time commenting for Sparkling Palette, so first off - Congratulations! Cheers to the blog upgrade :)
    Second, do you know mauve is the new pink! That's how hot this rose-mauve color has gotten <3 Your lip swatches are always a treat to see and that is what I always tell you :-*
    I tried photo fix lip creams a year or so ago. I don't know it was the texture of the testers or the condition of my lips, I did not like the feeling of it. Now that I have acquired a couple of liquid lipsticks, it will be good to check it out again :)

  6. Such a pretty shade and amazing swatches :)

  7. I NEED THIS :O Such a gorgeous shade!


  8. Amazing review! Your lip swatches make me wanna have it Asap!

  9. First of all Congratulations for your new blog. I have used DMGM lipsticks and I somehow felt them a bit drying on lips. But this particular one is looking quite moisturising. You lip swatches are spot on <3

  10. Such a pretty colour!

  11. I have been staring at your swatches again and again and the kissy face hehehe. I will get this colour same to same :D Great review as always. Congrats on the new blog!

  12. Love the color and it looks absolutely beautiful on you xx

  13. Wao0o0o so0o0o gorgeous love the color :)
    GFC Name: Sakeena Batool

  14. Wao0o0o so0o0o Gorgeous love the color :)
    GFC name :Sakeena Batool

  15. Lip swatches are ah-mazing <3 <3 thnks for sharing :)
    GFC:fatima jannan

  16. Lip swatches are ah-mazing <3 <3 thnks for sharing hun
    GFC: fatima jannan

  17. Aaaaah Such a Sweet romantic shade and looks good on you :)
    Maliha Rao / Red Alice Rao


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