The Body Shop Ramadan initiative, an event to remember!

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This Ramadan, The Body Shop Pakistan has started a campaign #openthegatetogoodness with Nadia Hussain as its "brand Activist", to support the cause of educating unprivileged children with "Sweet Homes Pakistan". Along with the launch of new fragrances, #LifeisGold and Red Musk Oud, the event was celebrated with much zest in the Capital. Read More to Reveal More!!!

On 15th of June, 2015, Islamabad based bloggers were invited to attend a grand event by The Body Shop Pakistan at Angeethi, F-7. I must tell you that this event is the greatest event I (myself) have attended so far in the Capital, Islamabad. I am so excited that I want to take you all along for a ride in a time machine, back to the event, so all my readers enjoy each moment as I did. So come Along...

The Venue Angeethi, F-7
The Body Shop, Red Carpet
I reached the venue, Angeethi F-7, in time. Welcomed by Najaf Nad e Ali, who is the PR manager for The Body Shop Pakistan. He took a positive initiative to make Islamabad a bit happening and active upon arrival of Ramadan. This event was celebrated for the launch of two new product of The Body Shop in Pakistan, one is #LifeisGold, as suggested by its name, it is very luxurious range of fragrances and solvent oils from the Floral family. The other one is the Red Musk Oudh, from the Oriental family. Along with the launch, The Body Shop has started an initiative to educate unfortunate children, with the certain percentage of sales to be donated to "Sweet Homes Pakistan", an Islamabad based NGO. The brand activist for this Ramadan campaign is none other than Nadia Hussain, a woman of excellence who has strongly proved her mettle as an all rounder actively participating in every walk of life enhancing the definition of  women empowerment. Let's have a look at the beginning of the event.

Display of Life is Gold, limited edition newly launched range
I met my Fellow Islamabad bloggers and the "Game of Clicks" started...

Islamabad Bloggers with the #LifeisGold range display
Another one :)
Me :)

After the clicks and shoot, we were introduced to Mr. Bilal Gilani, Trainee Manager of TBS, he welcomed us all and gave a detailed introduction about the products to be launched and about the cause The Body Shop is supporting this Ramadan. He once again assured the cruelty free stance of TBS, and how the fragrances/products are made out of all natural resources, without damaging the environment and Nature. The new launched products are available in gift-packs, and also can be customised (CYG: create your gift) for celebrating Ramadan and Eid with loved ones. He told us about the Ramadan CountDown to Eid Calender, a box containing 30 products from cosmetics, bath & body and fragrances range, sample sizes, which are available on all The Body Shop outlets. This can make a best gift for loved ones, and each day product reveal can be celebrated by the whole family after Iftar.  He briefed us all that for the campaign #OpenTheGatetoGoodness, a certain percentage of The Body Shop sales, this Ramadan will be donated "to send a child to class", for this they have joined hands with "Sweet Homes Pakistan". Well that is so thoughtful of this all-vegan brand, which is already a name of trust all around the globe.

Najaf Nad e Ali & Bilal Gilani
Bilal Gilani briefing the bloggers
Red Musk Oudh

Then the gorgeous, ever marvellous, Nadia Hussain joined us and another round of clicks started.

Najaf NadeAli, Aiesha Butt and Nadia Hussain
Nadia Hussain with Faryal Shah
Nadia Hussain trying the #LifeisGold
Nadia Hussain loves the #lifeisGold range
Nadia Hussain endorsing the #LifeisGold range
Me with Nadia Hussain
With the gorgeous Nadia Hussain
Taking Selfie with Nadia Hussain, the brand activist
Me checking the selfie with Nadia Hussain :p
Selfie reminds me of all the selfies I clicked on the event, have a look:

Me with the #LifeisGold display
Me with the star of the event, Nadia Hussain
Nayab and Me
Me with Fareha Baloch
Me & Shafaq
Me & Mahnoor Malik
Guests having selfies with Nadia Hussain
Click! Click! Click! then we went upstairs and was served with refreshments. Here I must mention the ambiance of Angeethi, from wall paintings, depicting the rural life, to the chandeliers every bit was worth appreciation. I have a special love for chandelier sighting, lolz. The food was tasty too. Just the pink/red lighting was not photo friendly, it is the main reason of our selfies look like pinkfies :) Have a Look at the interior and food:

To the staircase
My cell resting and me sipping juice :p
One biters! yummy!
The painting on stairway
Another painting
Zabardast painting
The event friendly decorations
Roses are Red....
A chandelier
Another Chandelier
After refreshments and chit chat, we were taken to the Briefing room, and the proceedings started. The area was well decorated and I must appreciate the The Body Shop product display. Have a look:

The Main TBS display
Life is Gold and Red Musk Oudh dispaly

Once again we were warmly welcomed by Najaf Nad e Ali, PR Manager The Body Shop Pakistan. He gave us details about the event, the launch and a round up of the campaign with his energetic personality.

Najaf Nad e Ali,, pR Manager The Body Shop
Mr. Najaf then handed over the mic to the brand activist of The Body Shop #openthegatetogoodness campaign, Nadia Hussain. Nadia Hussain explained the campaign being run by The Body Shop Pakistan where some percentage of every purchase  from The Body Shop will be donated to Sweet Homes for educating the children from disaster hit areas from all over Pakistan. She highlighted how the good within us does wonders only if we strive to unleash the strength. The motivating lecture inspired the crowd immensely. Nadia Hussain's kindness towards the audience was heart touching. She said she is gracious enough to be part of the body shop campaign.
Mr. Umer from "Sweet Homes Pakistan" briefed us about the cause and working of the team in educating the unprivileged children.

Mr Umer with Nadia Hussain
Dr Shazia appreciated the role The Body Shop Pakistan is playing in educating the children of Pakistan. The children from "sweet homes" were also present at the event. Sweet homes is putting in great effort to groom the children. And a little presentation of a kid showed us the results of all those efforts the team is putting up to build the confidence of these children.

Dr Shazia & Nadia Hussain
Iqra University is collaborating for this great initiative taken by the body shop Pakistan. Students along with Yumna Aly the management iqra university was also present at the event. The BodyShop Pakistan promised them 15% off vouchers for the voluntary work they are doing.

Yumna Aly with Nadia Hussain
Students of Iqra University
Mr Bilal Gilani, Trainee Manager of The Body Shop, formally announced the launch of the campaign along with the newly launched products in Pakistan, #Life is Gold (Limited edition) and Red Musk Oud. He emphasised that how the certain percentage of the sales of The Body Shop, will be funded to "send a child to class" in collaboration with "Sweet Homes". The purchase of newly launched products will highly contribute towards the cause.

Bilal Gilani, Trainee Manager The Body Shop
Saba Zain and Henna Tahir
Me sitting in the briefing room
How can I forget my Accessories?

My Ring
My Bracelet
After this briefing food was served, then we all headed towards the Red Carpet for official group photos :)

The Body Shop team with Nadia Hussain and Sweet homes team and children
Nadia Hussain with all Islamabad Bloggers
All the bloggers were gifted awesome goody bags from The Body Shop Pakistan (The best Part :)) Then it was time to say b.bye!

Me with my TBS goody bag all glowing on the Red Carpet
I like the ambiance of Angeethi
Adios! to the best event I have attended so far!

The Body Shop goody bag was as grand as the event itself. You must be wondering what I received in my goodybag, so have a look: 

The Body Shop Makeup Bag <3
Yummy grand goody bag
The Body Shop Goody Bag consists of:

  • Strawberry Set
  • Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask
  • Virgin Mojito Body Butter
  • Fuji Green TeaBody Body Scrub
  • Vitamin C Glow Booster Moisturiser, samplers
  • Big Makeup Bag
In the end I'd like to thank The Body Shop for inviting us to this grand event and also for taking this initiative to promote education in Pakistan, which is the need of this hour. By taking such positive social steps The Body Shop is actually investing in the future of Pakistan. All the best to The Body Shop team for #openthegatetogoodness campaign. Now comes our part, I must recommend and request my followers to go and shop from The Body Shop, more and more, in this Holy month of Ramadan, as they will be indirectly helping the cause of education in Pakistan. The Body Shop is world renowned brand trusted for its being vegan and cruelty free. 
Visit them on their Facebook page HERE.

This has been the best event I have ever attended, looking forward to much more of these grand events with grand causes to be held in Islamabad.

Hope you like this Grand Post. Keep sharing and commenting. Keep watching this space for the reviews of all the products I got in my TBS goody bag.

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Stay blessed.
Remember me in your prayers.
Keep Sparkling!!!
Love & Respect.


NOTE: This post may contain a PR post/product, my review and opinion is 100% honest with my readers. All the pictures having our watermark is our own property, using them without permission is prohibitted. Few pictures are taken from The Body Shop Pakistan's Facebook page.

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