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Our hands and feet also need to be pampered, as it doesn't only make them look neat and healthy, its quite relaxing too. #SPB tried few products from Eveline Cosmetics' Hands & Feet care range, how it was? Read More to Reveal More!!!


YOUNG HANDS - Rejuvenating Hand Serum:

YOUNG HANDS Active rejuvenating hand cream offer your hands a maximum dose of youth. Exclusive serum with a unique rejuvenating formula helps to minimize the signs of ageing of hands' skin. It is particularly recommended for dry and damaged hands. The serum's regenerating ingredients rebuild the damaged skin, making the hands smooth and delicate. The serum assures an appropriate level of moisturization, making the skin firmer and supple, without marks of the passing years. The light, non-greasy texture makes the serum absorb quickly and instantly offer a sense of comfort. The hands' skin becomes velvety smooth and much younger for a long period of time. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Matrixyl 3000™, Oxylastil, Oligoceane, Hydroveg VV.

Eveline Cosmetics Hands care range

Who doesn't love the feel of professional manicure at home, specially when you are home bound with kids to take care of, or have no time to spend on yourself in the salon/spa. Personally I love to do all my skin-care rituals at home, as in that way I am sure what products are being used on my skin, its comfortable. When I got Eveline Cosmetics hands care range I was more than, just, happy. The products includes Young Hands Active Rejuvenating Hand Serum and SOS Professional Hand scrub and Hand Serum-Mask. I must say I am very impressed by the performance of these products, I immediately started using the hand cream/serum and love it esp the relaxing and soothing fragrance it has. Let's review the products individually:

YOUNG HANDS - Rejuvenating Hand Serum:
The first thing I noticed about this hand cream is the floral fragrance. It doesn't bother me. This has a very soothing and calm effect on my senses. I apply it on my hands daily at night time, as I love to quench myself in the soothing aromas and go off to dream-land. I'd recommend you to sniff/check the product before purchasing if you are weary of any fragrant product, but trust me its awesome, I love it. The results are awesome, besides being relaxing. My hands are getting softer, smooth and look visibly delicate, lately I have been facing issue of massive dryness on my hands. Now they are really well taken care off. No darkening of skin and no more dryness. The product comes in a long plastic tube with a flip open cap, which locks securely thus it is travel friendly, contains 100 ml of product. This has to be the best hand cream/serum I have used, ever.

PKR 375/- (£6.99)

SOS Professional Hand Scrub and Serum-Mask:
The duo comes in sachet packing, user friendly, as one doesn't has to equip the (manicure ) surrounding with tubs of products. The first sachet has Hand scrub, it is whitish thick fluid with a lot of white "unique peeling particles", which are not harsh to the skin at all. This claims to even "exfoliates horned, dead epidermis, leaving hands ideally smooth and delicate". Yes it does, I applied on damp skin and massaged for 5-7 minutes, for better results can be used on dry skin as well. I must say that I felt as if I had some professional doing the scrubbing for me, you know the feel you get when some one else does it for you. What else one needs? I am really glad that I have this handy hand scrub, which helps me to get a manicure at home.
The Serum-Mask is really nourishing, applied on towel dry hands it gives a soothing effect with the sense of a complete hand care regimen. "Hand skin is extremely soft, hydrated and regenerated and nails-strengthened" I agree with this claim 100%.
The sachet contains 6 ml of the product, each, which is good for 2-3 uses.

PKR 110/-


SATIN FEET - Softening & Conditioning Foot Cream:

SATIN FEET softening and conditioning foot cream SATIN FEET softening and conditioning foot cream. A cinnamon concentrate, which immediately restores softness, elasticity and smoothness to your feet. It is particularly recommended for dry and cracking feet. The unique dose of active ingredients leaves the feet in perfect condition for a long time; and the special cinnamon smell makes caring for your feet a sensual pleasure. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: cinnamon extract, vitamins, Shea butter, softening complex. APPLICATION: Apply every day, delicately massaging. The application is a perfect opportunity to massage your feet, which improves blood circulation and removes the feeling of tired feet.

Eveline Cosmetics Feet care Range

I really find pedicures to be more relaxing, obviously if you get and expert's help in it the result are awesome, but what if you do not have time for that, like I don't have much time for professional pedicures. Eveline Cosmetics feet care range is a great alternate to the salon pedicures. I will be reviewing SATIN FEET - Softening & Conditioning Foot Cream and SOS Professional Foot Scrub and Foot Mask. Here I must tell you that I really have tired feet and the dryness and dead skin on them is just another proof of my negligence + my busy schedule :p

SATIN FEET - Softening & Conditioning Foot Cream:

Here again the first prominent feature is the spicy fragrance/aroma of cinnamon, infused with some floral scents. I love it, everything spicy I LOVE! Depends on your own choice, but cinnamon has long been used in Aroma therapies and bath and body products due to its healing and soothing qualities. The foot cream work slowly but work wonders I must say. I have really dry, dead skin and callus on my heel areas and also under my big toe (flaky skin). In the first few days of the use I only enjoyed the cinnamon aromas, but after a week I noticed that my skin is getting smoother without any pedicure sessions. It means the cream has all the moisturization and nourishment my feet needed. I am really loving this product and with its affordable price tag, I will be repurchasing it for sure. This is a petite plastic tube with a well secure flip open cap, travel friendly and contains 100 ml of the product.

PKR 375/- (£6.99)

SOS Professional Foot Scrub and Foot Mask:

The Foot Scrub has a bit harsher particles, which the skin of feet needs. It is whitish fluid with dense  "microparticles, gently removes dead cells from external layer of epidermis, intensely smoothens and moisturizes". I really liked how my feet got relaxed while I massaged them, damp. It can be used on dry skin for better results, I did not try that yet. The smoothness of professional pedicure is what I achieved at home, and that's worth it.
The Foot Serum is milky white, rich, nourishing and soothing. The formula is rich in vitamins (A,E,F) and contains chamomile extracts which soothes irritation of skin after the scrubbing.
The sachet contains 6 ml of the product, each, which is good for 2-3 uses.

PKR 110/-

Eveline Cosmetics' products are available nationwide, for  online purchasing visit Just4girls.pk and Daraz.pk. For further details check their Facebook page, Eveline Cosmetics and do visit the website

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  1. most of the creams and lotions make my skin break out but i will try to get my hands on the foot cream your description makes it sound very luxurious :)

  2. wow sounds like a spa mani pedi.great review.i dont like their facial creams alot but thee sounds yummy .xoxo

  3. The hand cream sounds great plus these are so affordable. Will try this out soon. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I love freeman when it comes to hand and foot creams but these sound interesting as well. :)

  5. Your post made me feel as if I was getting all these treatments. I thought this brand was expensive but I am pleasantly surprised with the results and these price tags. Great review :) -Sadaf

  6. I really need some feet care in this scorching summer! Will check out Eveline's range! :) x

  7. Eveline have got some amazing skin care product, These products also looks worth to try out.


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