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Coke Studio has taken the nation with amazement once again, winning millions of hearts with soulful and fusion music. As the third episode is all set to go on-air, let #SPB review the first two episodes with its own fun-filled style and a heart all drenched in love for Pakistani Music. "I am die-hard Coke Studio Fan". Read More to reveal More!!!

The first episode of Season 8 featured ‘Aankharli Pharookai’ by Mai Dhai and Karam Abbas, ‘Bewajah’ by Nabeel Shaukat Ali, ‘Sayyon’ by the Mekaal Hassan Band and ‘Tajdar-i-Haram’ by Atif Aslam.
Mai Dhai and Karam Abbas
‘Aankharli Pharookai’ by Mai Dhai and Karam Abbas:

Great addition to CokeStudio Platform, I must say. Mai Dhai brings on all that magic and raw sound of Thar and Karam Abbas comes form a lineage of Classical Music Maestros of sub-continent. The song starts with a spark, yes that high pitched sound, which may be unique to our hearings, but in a desert they sing that loud, do I need to tell you why? Karam Abbas added his classical touch to the song and Man! his voice so resembles Asad Amanat Ali (late). Well a good song! 
I must take this opportunity to praise one more person, Arsalan Ali, the harmonium player, I guess he is very young, he looks so, but his command on that instrument is flawless, kudos to him, I'm impressed.

Atif Aslam
‘Tajdar-i-Haram’ by Atif Aslam:

Well what to say? This surely was a lethal combo. A masterpiece of a granduer like "Tajdar-i-Haram" and the voice of the modern hearts, which even echo beyond borders Atif Aslam, yes I am his fan :p After listening to this I really couldn't help but to get more impressed by this power house of a man, his voice, his voice and his voice. I heard and read many people complaining and comparing this one to the original one, well boys you all are mistaken, the very purpose of Coke Studio is to relive the experience of the old forgotten tunes, how many of us listen to this very often, but now it will be played everywhere. Plus there can never be a comparison with the original songs and singers, for example any one trying to sing/copy Reshma can never ever surpass her, the same is in this case, the devotion and 'rayazat' (lifelong practise) of Sabri brothers can not be compared at all, I personally believe that their own son can not perform it that well 'kuja Atif'). Thumbs up to CS8 for bringing it back to us... I will be listening it forever now as I believe it is the ultimate Qawwali for a devotee like me.

Nabeel Shaukat Ali
‘Bewajah’ by Nabeel Shaukat Ali:

This boy has that X-Factor, his unique voice and his talent is surely recognised by featuring him in the CS8. I am told that these are his own lyrics, Man! you have my heart. Such a lovely beautiful ghazal, set in Pop tune, a perfect for anyone "in-Love". The feel of this song, makes you feel like a teenager with "pehla pyaar" (first love), yes I get those feelings whenever I listen this. A beautiful sweet sound and a beautiful modern day ghazal to listen to but not "bewajah". Boy you won my heart!

Sharmistha Chatterjee
Mekaal Hassan Band
‘Sayyon’ by the Mekaal Hassan Band:

Doing Bullay Shah's poetry is the SOP of Mekaal Hassan Band. This time it was great but same too, nothing new, accept the new Bengali singer, and there the weakness lies, making a beautiful Bengali speak Punjabi... she surely has that sweetness of roshgulla in her voice but... I guess you got my point, so no need to say more! Good try!


The second episode of Season 8 featuring featuring ‘Sammi Meri Waar’ by Umair Jaswal and Quratulain Balouch (QB), ‘Sakal Ban’ by Rizwan and Muazzam, ‘Rockstar’ by Ali Zafar and ‘Chirya Da Chamba’ by Suraiya Khanum featuring Anwar Maqsood.

Suraiya Khanum featuring Anwar Maqsood
‘Chirya Da Chamba’ by Suraiya Khanum featuring Anwar Maqsood:

A touching song for every girl in our region, depicting the farewell to the family at the time of wedding. I am glad that Coke Studio is not only bring back forgotten tunes, but also those artists whom we see no more, the job which PTV used to do once, in its prime. I am happy to Suraiya Khanam back, a beautiful selection of song plus poetry. Anwar Maqsood begs no introduction, he is a well known Urdu writer/poet. Undoubtedly the piece is so strong itself but still, I personally think that the original artist, Tufail Niazi, being a male himslef, expressed a female's grief so well, but as there must be no comparison I must say Suraiya Khanam sang it beautifully. One suggestion for the poetry part, I'm a 'nacheez' (useless person) but still, if Anwar Maqsood have read it without all that tear-y voice and sniffing sounds it must have sounded so well and less dramatic. Well just my own opinion, no offence!

Ali Zafar
‘Rockstar’ by Ali Zafar:

Well, well, well who we got here... our own Bollywood return A-Zee with his hero persona, attitude, arrogance and that jacket! (credits to Ali Xeeshan). This song is all about fun, and that I really had. Lyrics are fun, composition is fun and that hidden satire is fun too. Ali Zafar surely has that unique voice and style. But Ali, frankly to be speaking, you are too cute to personify a 'Rockstar', a bad boy! Amazingly, while listening to this song I couldn't stop but think of our original Rockstar The Ali Azmat, yes this song seems to be about him, a true Rockstar, our own 'Babu Bhai'. 
This song can be termed as "kirr kirr" (Sajjad Ali) of this season, a peppy and fun song to listen, with the amazing performance of A-Zee showing all his voice's range,  low to high pitch!

Quratulain Balouch- QB
Umair Jaswal
‘Sammi Meri Waar’ by Umair Jaswal and Quratulain Balouch:

Since the moment I listened it, this song is on the repeat on my playlist. The power houses duo, and a great folk song, from the Pothohar region. I must say that this is well perceived song, with two strong and dynamic performers, but it has few of its lows too. First the Lyrics of the Umair's part, really I mean what is that "ek taara, main akela"??? then "mera jevan ek samandar" and I was like now he will say "ek bandar ghar key ander" :p sorry but the lyrics were so kiddish. QB saved it! Although her hands were all tied-up during the song, to show off her midi rings :p
I am amazed how the new lyrics transcend to the folk song, and Umair performed that part greatly, when he raises his notes/pitch and QB starts from there. Madness!!! Next Level.
The translation of this song on the site is so "matric level" so I suggest Coke Studio must hire a good lyricist/songwriter and a translator for the next season.
In the end let me ask: "Who did Umair's Makeup?"

Rizwan and Muazzam Ali Khan
‘Sakal Ban’ by Rizwan and Muazzam:

This is a classical song true to its genre, and the dupo performed it well, staying closer to its traditional tunes. Kalaam of Ameer Khusro, this piece has more spiritual meanings to it. Hailing from a musically trained family, the duo did justice to it, at least we get to see someone so closely resembling to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (late), their paternal uncle.

Well this is what I had to say about these songs, hope you like it, do give your feedback, as it is #SPB's first Music review.

Coke Studio's producers Strings are doing a fabulous job and a great hard work that is paying back in shape of love and compliments from all around the world, specially from across the borders. Looking forward to the upcoming musical compositions and great renditions.

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Note: All the opinion expressed are my own, you may agree or disagree, as music is perceived by every one differently, so no offence to any one. Special thanks to team Lotus PR. #CS8 #cokestudio8

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  1. Jaswal ruined Sammi! AZ killed it nailed it and I loved it. I like espisode 2 much more than the first one ^_^ Can't get enough of "Baby you're the one par allowed to hai na chaar" 😂

  2. Ali zafar is truly a rockstar <3 I love sami too but only QB's part :)

  3. Loved your review Huda 😊I am fan of CS fusions and covers of popular songs too.

  4. Finally someone wrote about coke studio. Atif Aslam was amazing this season and yes Ali Zafar's rockstar look and jacket stole the show. Sammi Meri Waar has been my favorite so far too. But I have the same question who did UJ's makeup? :D Great post girl :)

  5. I love coke studio. Havent seen it for a while but some of the performances in earlier seasons were out standing!

  6. Huda!!!! What have you done !! :) EPIC Just loved the way you reviewed the episodes by adding your personal touch and the humor was to die for !!! <3 Seriously I have not read a review this good in a long time *mua* You should review the upcoming episodes as well, I would love to read them :)

  7. Huda !!! Girl you nailed it.... I loved each and every line..... Dear, think about to join any newspaper ..hehe ;) What a classy article must say its a piece of art...WELL DONE ...BRAVO ..gIRL...:)

  8. I like all Cock Studio Songs My favorite by 1st one (Taajdar-e-haram) by Atif Aslam


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