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If you are a Foodie searching for continental cuisine or some hot/cold drinks, with exquisite and authentic taste, then Casa Rouge is a Must try new place in Islamabad. Read More to Reveal More!!!


Casa Rouge has a capacity of accommodating 67 people, with 16 tables. The make-shift arrangement can transform the place into an Event venue, anytime. I really liked the variety of furniture, which is hand picked by the owner, Ramiz Tarik, rather exported by himself. Every corner depicts  its own mood with its selection of furniture. There are table for four, two and a nice sitting arrangement for a group (at the terrace) and a corner for a lone visitor too. Small get together can be accommodated like bridal showers, birthday parties etc. The whole concept is unique, mainly inspired by roadside cafes of Europe.
Before we share our mouth-watering experience at this new place in F-6, Islamabad, first floor United Bakery plaza, lets have a look at the wonderfully designed interior of Casa Rouge the restaurant and the airy and spacious Terrace Bar

The main sitting area,along the entrance
Table for four,beautifully separated for privacy
I LOVED these big bulb style chandelier
The beautiful wood work on glass dividing restaurant from Terrace Bar
The Menu and Magazine Corner
Versace Table for two
Another Versace Table for two
A Table for four inside the hall
The View
The Bar
View of Terrace
Perfect corner for a group
I dream of having my Hot coffee at this corner on a chilly  December evening enjoying the view
A colourful Hap! corner
Glass Mosaic, I can see me
Wood work on glass panel 
"Waiter please take my order now"

After taking a round of this beautiful and well thought-of place, I was all ready to place my order. Kumail, the PR Manager (who also looks around the place) guided me about the best On-Menu and helped me choosing the best cuisine to munch on, according to my choice. Details and review of food after a bunch of more pictures :)

My Table, by the window to enjoy the view with my family
Kumail, the PR Mangar of Casa Rouge
Casa Rouge experience...
Bar Menu
My Lip-clutch!
My Ring, accessories are a must!
Enjoying the view while waiting for the Food!


When trying a new restaurant always ask for the chef specialties of that day, and according to your own choice or mood place the order we did the same. After placing our order we were presented a basket of Fresh Bun-Rolls & Biscuits with small tubs of butter. Fresh baked and yummy!

Basket of Fresh Buns-rolls and biscuits
We didn't order any starter, instead we chose the fresh Pomegranate Juice from the Bar(Pkr 309/-*). It was fresh, yumm and worked as an appetizer, as after I felt more hungry:p
The Fresh Pomegranate Juice, from the Terrace Bar
Me enjoying the Fresh Pome-Juice
After a while our main course arrived, I ordered "Thai Green Curry" (Pkr 839/-*) and my husband decided to munch on some Beef steak, so he had "Casa Fire Bestica" (well-Done) (Pkr 1099/-*), with curly fries in side order, Bebo enjoyed them.

Thai Green Curry & Casa Fire Bestica(beef)
Hubby had a regular soft drink with his order and I ventured for "Fusion Lemonade (kiwi)". It was fabulous, right kind of fizz with a taste of lemon and kiwi, which enhanced the taste of my food.

Fusion Lemonade (kiwi)
Casa fire Bestica:

Beef steaks is a tricky food, but I must say when I tasted it it was perfectly cooked, really well-done! crisp and juicy, drizzled with cheese and served with sauteed veggies and Curly-fries as side-order. 

Casa Fire Bestica (beef)
Casa Fire Bestica (beef)
Thai Green Curry:

I love Thai food for its spicy flavour which is close to our desi choice. Here I must praise the well-cooked rice, it was clear that a special attention is being given to the rice as well, they wee yummy and were cooked in butter, as I could smell fresh butter in it. The Thai Green Curry was yummiest I have ever had. Boneless chicken cooked in a white sauce with green herbs,along with mushrroms and ginger. It was perfectly spiced, not more nor less, balanced.

Thai Green Curry
Thai Green Curry
Thai Green Curry

Molten Lava Cake:
Who could say NO to freshly baked Molten Lava Cake? not me! It was heavenly delicious, served with a vanilla Icecream scoop, and drizzling with chocolate this was the best I've ever had tasted, esp in Islamabad. Priced Pkr 499/-*

Molten Lava Cake

The food was tasty and the serving was generous, reasonably priced. Ill give it all 10/10 from ambiance to serving, to the selection of  Menu. The taste of every thing we ordered was unique in its own. Steaks had that grilled aroma and the Thai food was brimming with Thai spices. Drinks were awesome. A must visit place #SPBFood recommends it to all living in or visiting Islamabad.

Ramiz Tarik, the young & energetic owner of Casa Rouge 
In the end we had a chance to chit-chat with the young and ambitious Ramiz Tarik, the owner of Casa Rouge. He literally owns the place, as its his brain child, and along with his brother Haseeb Tarik, he planned each and everything about Casa Rouge himself, from the look of the place and every furniture item. Hailing from a business family, he is well equipped with that skills to run such a venture with success. As he shared all the efforts behind Casa Rouge, Restaurant and Terrace Bar, from idea to execution, he showed his prowess and affiliation with his brain child. He felt pride in the way his plans turned out and the place could acquire the look of a European road-side restaurant where people can have all they want from proper continental cuisine to snack and drinks at the bar. He is very positive about this place and knows that how beautifully this restaurant is placed with a fab view of Margalla Hills. He has a lot of wonderful ideas in his pocket for future as well. 
Well! #SPB is waiting! and we wish Ramiz and his team all the best for Future. Meanwhile you all must go and check out this place, we highly recommend.
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Islamabad #SPBFOOD restaurant and Terrace Bar
Casa Rouge

* The prices mentioned are exclusive of Taxes.

Note: All the pictures are taken by us, which cannot be re-produced and used without our permission.

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  1. Loving the interior and the food looks yumilicious. Need to check this place soon. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This place looks amazing, very nice pictures loved the post.


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