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How could I miss the craze and rave going-on in blogosphere for ColourPop Cosmetics? Here is my Haul along the review and Bomb Swatches! Are you ready? Read More to Reveal More!!!


ColourPop Haul
Yes! I couldn't resist the temptation of #ColourPopCosmetics, and I am glad about it. Here is what I got:
  • CP Super Shock Cheek "TASTY" $8.00 USD (PKR 1200)
  • CP Lippie Stix Matte "TOUCAN" $5.00 USD (PKR850)
  • CP Lippie Stix Cream "TOPANGA" (gift from Huda N of Lipstickholic Blog)
  • CP Ultra Matte Lip "OUIJI" $6.00 USD (PKR 950)
  • CP Ultra Matte Lip "BUMBLE" $6.00 USD (PKR 950)
The prices are mentioned in USD, in PKR we have to pay almost double for each product, thanks to our ever loving facebook pages. (pun intended!)
Now the real treat for all my followers, you will get swatches of all these beauties in this very post with a detailed review :) Howzat?!


CP Super Shock Cheek "TASTY":

While I was searching hard to get the best shade of a blush or a highlighter from ColourPop, this beauty showed up. Tasty serves double  purpose due to its pearlized finish, its a blush plus highlighter, so decision was made! We all know about how the softness, creaminess  of CP blushes are raved, yes that's very much true. I am amazed that how the texture of this blush is creamy, nah its a powder blush. Pigmentation is great. Its a coral shade with and copperish hues, as the site describes it as "Candy coloured coral with multi-dimensional pink and copper duo-chrome finishes. You’ll be so tasty, we already know"
Tasty gives a sheen/pearlized finish, this serves the highlighting purpose as well. I love wearing it alone and also love to dab it over my regular blush, just on the cheek bones to accentuate them. No fallouts! Its a must try.
In the end of this post you can see it applied on my face too:)

CP Super Shock Cheek "TASTY"
Colourpop cosmetics
CP Super Shock Cheek "TASTY" Swatch

ColourPop Lippie Stix

CP Lippie Stix Cream "TOPANGA":

This actually is my first ever product from CP, thanks to my #samenamebuddy Huda N who gifted this on my birthday this year.
Topanga is from the "Satin" range of Lippie Stix. Its perfect for my choice, as I like Satin/cream finish in lipsticks more than matte. The shade is a muted coral as appears on my lips. CP describes it as "A mid-tone dusty coral in a Satin finish – You’ll love this like Corey loves Topanga".
This is my go-to lipstick since I got it. The shade is amazingly sober yet glam. Easy for daily wear, shopping or just staying at home. I am in love <3

Colourpop cosmetics
CP Lippie Stix Matte "TOPANGA"
CP Lippie Stix Matte "TOPANGA" Swatch

CP Lippie Stix Cream "TOUCAN":

Toucan attracted my attention for being a good wearable redish pink from the matte range of Lippie Stix, not disappointed at all. CP says "Two can tango in this bright pinky red coral in a Matte finish".
So it is a mix of all my favourite lip shades :p This is Matte so the formulation is a bit drying, and it tastes plastic-y (may be its only me). Pigmentation is great, you get desired shade in single swipe. Its kinda shade that makes you stand out, but in a good way, not like a bright-neon.

Note: With Lippie Stix be careful, just twist out bullet enough for application or you may break it (happened)

CP Lippie Stix Matte "TOUCAN"
CP Lippie Stix Matte "TOUCAN"


ColourPop cosmetics
ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip

CP Ultra Matte Lip is the thing! no one can miss or skip it. So didn't I. Chose two shades after well searching, re-searching the swatches and reviews online. These liquid lipsticks are not my first ones, but I must say they are different than the ones I have tried so far. Due to high demand the shades come and go from the list on the site. The formulation is creamy/semi-matte (in application) matte finish, quick drying, pigmentation and drying-out-lips vary shade to shade, well the  rest of the details in the individual reviews. Below are the hand swatches.

CP Ultra Matte Lip "OUIJI" and "BUMBLE"

CP Ultra Matte Lip "OUJI":

Huda N's haul intrigued me to get this shade, actually it was a tie between Ouiji and Mars, but I ended up buying Ouiji as I have one shade similar to Mars. Ouiji is again a bright coral, which seems to be bright but after a while settles in, magic! Other wise Coral shades tends to turn neon-ish and that's a big NO for me. ( I guess I am lately obsessed with corals :p). CP says "This bright coral red summons all the boys to the yard" (wish I could censor the later part)
The formulation is creamy, the finish is very Matte and this one does dry-out-the-lips. So much so that if the lips are not exfoliated before application flakes will appear. The pigmentation is not that opaque, so you'll need more than single swipe, and with a liquid lipstick that IS tricky.

I'll mention few tips below read them to save your lips and keep enjoying your CP Ultra Matte lip.

CP Ultra Matte Lip "OUIJI" swatch

CP Ultra Matte Lip "BUMBLE":

Bumble was an impulse decision, it was "love at first sight" rather this shade made me have this haul! enough said.
I can not express my love for Bumble in words *tears of happiness in my eyes*. This is the brown/earthen shade I have been looking since ages. CP describes this beauty as "Everyone will bee buzzing when you wear this dusty warm terracotta". Its a magic in the tube, sometimes it looks dark, vampy, yet sober, a brown mixed with pink... unable to describe it. Pigmentation is great single swipe and you are done. Not as drying as Ouiji. Staying power is awesome, it survives all my chattering and even desi food, I have to remove it myself, never needed a retouch yet. At a recent blogger meetup at #DCC, everyone who swatched it fell in love with it and wowed to buy it sooner or later. Have a look yourself and bedazzled!

CP Ultra Matte Lip "BUMBLE"

  • Keep your lips well taken care of daily apply your trusted balm/butter on lips
  • The best product for supple lips, esp in Winter, is OLIVE OIL, dab it daily night or even in daytime, if you can
  • Remove your matte liquid lipsticks with a cotton ball drenched with Olive Oil, the stain will be gone and lips will be nourished
  • I do not apply any balm before applying Liquid Lipsticks,as it gives streaky application, lips must be well exfoliated
  • I still love to make an outline first with the wand, then fill in, I have mastered the application with a lot of practice now
  • Do not, let me repeat DO NOT, stretch your lips while applying and do not press them together after it
  • Do not layer the product
  • If you go wrong during application just remove and re-start, this also goes for retouching
Read these posts by fellow bloggers to help you more in application of Liquid Lipsticks:
  1. Jasmine catches butterflies
  2. The Pout Painters

Evening: Here I am wearinh OUIJI on my lips and Tasty on my cheeks
Day Time: I am wearing BUMBLE onmy lips and Tasty is lightly dabbed on my cheeks

Hope you like this review post full of details, tips and swatches. Do let me know in comments that "Have you been stuck by the ColourPop craze yet?"

Visit ColouPop Cosmetics on Facebook and website.

Follow #SPBlovesColourPop on  InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Remember me in your prayers.
Keep Sparkling!!!


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  1. Superb picks your lip swatches are killer i want few of them but i dont wear lippies though your swatches convenced me to get ��

  2. Lovely post as usual Huda! Tasty gives such a nice glow. Loved the lip swatches.

    1. Yes Sherry dear that's such a fresh and lively glow :) Thank you so much :)

  3. Oh my god! Toucan and Ouiji are SO my type of shades. Your swatches are sooo beautiful Huda!

  4. Colourpop does everything right =D It has become one of my most favourite brand lately !!! Loved the indepth review and you look so elegant Huda (^_^).
    PS. I ordered bumble after swatching yours :P cant wait to get it =D !
    Much Love xx

    1. Agreed with you, this surely is the cult favourite brand of this hour :)
      Bumble is <3

  5. All the colors are beautiful and Love the lip swatches <3

  6. Omgg! You've made me want Toucan now! Its so beautiful. And I've ordered Bumblee. Can't wait for it to come!

    1. Oh great I hope you love BUMBLE, and surely get Toucan if you like matte finish :)

  7. Yummy haul. You look absolutely gorgeous Ma Shaa Allah. Tasty and Bumble, i need these two in my life now <3 Great post :)

  8. Such a lovely haul, couldn't wait to get some Colour pop products. Lovely swatches.

  9. Lovely post.swatches r beautiful.Nearly every shade is looking fabulous but i like ouiji and bumble the most.And CP Blush in "Tasty" OMG it's's my fav blush color forever.was searching for CP lipstixx from long time now your swatches made it esay for me to decide.Thanks alot dear for doing a lovely review.Allah bless you : )

  10. Wow, these are some beautiful lip colors, love your lip swatches. You look pretty in full makeup look <3

  11. Hey Huda! Thank you so much for appreciation and the tag ^_^ Means a lot truly! I have more to say about Bumble though :D It looks to me a pink-brown and such shades appear more pink on pigmented lips, like mine. That's why I am so heads-over-heels in love with it and will definitely grab it whenever I can :D

  12. OMG this post makes me wanna cry 😭 I want to get these ASAP. Huda these are actually bomb swatches. LOVEDDDD IT. Stay beautiful

  13. Wow...Huda...MashaAllah you are looking awesome. Your lip swatches are my favourite of all. Keep it up xoxoxo

  14. That Blusher is such a pretty shade!! Also girlll your lip swatches are amazing and now I've got to finally get one of their Ultra Mattes Liquid Lipsticks! Loved the review!


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