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Depilex is a well-known name is the beauty industry of Pakistan. They are celebrating their 35th year. They invited Beauty bloggers from Lahore and Islamabad to attend "One Day Makeup Class". Yours truly is one of the lucky participants :) Read More to Reveal More!!!
Depilex College of Cosmetology:
At the Depilex College of Cosmetology, we offer a unique learning environment along with hands on training and experience to excel the expectations of our students and inspire them to be creative.
Our cosmetology curriculum is specifically designed to inculcate students for the international beauty arena. Our students will be prepared to advance for all certification examinations and their academic experience will incorporate all aspects of technical, personal and business skills acumen necessary to work in the hair and beauty industry.
The academic teams at the Depilex College of Cosmetology are renowned experts in their respective fields. Their professional experience enriches the students learning by collaborating real world aesthetics to internationally taught theories and standards. Each student will have an opportunity to learn from a curriculum that consists of class room instructions and supervised salon technical experience.
The success of our students directly delineates our long term academic vision. In every field of professional development be it finding a job or continuing education aboard, the skills you acquire from the Depilex College of Cosmetology will pave way for your own individual successes.
Our academic advisers are readily available to understand your needs and will assist you in creating a path and move you closer to your passion and professional aspirations.


Most of the bloggers from Lahore and Islamabad reached the Depilex College of Cosmetolgy on 15th November, 2015. Once settled, we were welcomed by the gorgeous Redah Misbah Qureshi, she gave us an insight into the 35 years old history of #Depilex and the importance of starting Depilex College of Cosmetology #DCC. Then we were briefed about the courses which are offered at #DCC. Then Masarrat Misbah came to the center stage, with a standing ovation from all the bloggers, in her polite manner she shared her journey of 35 years with Depilex, and how she wants to give back the love to the women of this society.

Redah Misbah Qureshi*
Redah Misbah Introducing #DCC*
Redah Misbah Qureshi welcoming us all
The Diva, Masarrat Misbah
An Instructor briefing us about the courses at #DCC*
Standing ovation for Masarrat Misbah*
Masarrat Misbah on the journey of Depilex*
Me with my Blogger Buddy Sherry
Sherry busy updating on Social  Media 
The Class*
Masarrat Misbah with her team
The girl who made it all possible, Fakhra Rafiq*
Your's Truly

This was the most refreshing Tea Break I've ever had. Hot cup of tea with yummy delicacies along with chit chat and fun with fellow bloggers. Then we enjoyed a swatch-ing frenzy. Have a look!

Fakhra Passing on the Donuts*
This is what I was clicking, sherry and Wajiha
My Mouth-full-of-donut Selfie, Sherry and Wajiha busy with Tea
A good laugh*
That smile of holding an MUR Chocolate Palette
Handful of swatches ColorPop lippie stix
Serious Makeup talk Blogger version*
Swatch Frenzy and Blogger advice LIVE*
The Group Photo*
Hassan and Ismail busy in work :)

We were all refreshed after the tea break and ready for the Makeup Class. Isma Majid taught us tips and tricks of turning a simple Natural makeup into Glam evening look. This was such a learning experience that enriched us with many makeup skills and secret tips. Isma is the most sweet instructor I've met, she answered all our questions and queries and shared all her pro-tricks and tips. She also guided us about the hygiene care in doing makeup. Have a Look!

Isma with her model* 
Isma sharing her pro-techniques*
Isma applying makeup on the model and guiding us all*
More tips, tricks and techniques*
Isma Applying lipstick on the model*
Natural Makeup Look*
Glam Evening Makeup Look*


After Lunch break we all were taken to the Makeup room, big enough to accommodate us all with full mirrors and everything required available. We all were divided into group of two, and given a tray with all required products for makeup and hygiene. All bloggers got busy in creating their looks according to the recent learning. I chose to create a Natural look. The hall is well-equipped and perfect for makeup training classes at #DCC.

Our well-equipped tray
The Table full of yummy Masarrat Misbah Halal Makeup
Isma giving us the foundation for our skin tones
The well-equipped hall for makeup training at DCC
Me and my partner Wajiha getting ready to create our look
All bloggers busy*
Me, Wajiha taking tips from Isma
Isma guiding us :)
Me during the Makeup*
Me ready after creating a Natural Makeup Look with MMM
Natural Makeup using MMM
Me giving video testimonial*
Me giving video testominial about my experience at DCC


After we all completed our makeup looks, we were appreciated by Masarrat Misbah herself for our efforts. Back into the class room, Masarrat Misbah gave us a closing address and words of thanks. Then we were awarded with our certificate for the "One Day Makeup Class, learning the essential makeup".
Redah and Masarrat Misbah giving me my certificate
Receiving my certificate from Redah and Masarrat Misbah
This is surely the most awesome experience and opportunity we bloggers ever got. Depilex is really true to its mission of giving back to the society, empowering the women of Pakistan. I am impressed by the world class furnishing of the Depilex College of Cosmetology. I am sure the regular students will learn way lot more, if we could learn so much only in a day:)

Amazing Offer for #SPB followers:

Here is the best part, all the followers of #SPB can avail a discount of 20% on these courses at DCC. You can register at DCC by mentioning my or my blog's name Huda Sheikh/Sparkling Palette Blog.
For further details contact the DCC at 042-35911224/5 or email us: asparklingsparkle@gmail.com. Visit on Facebook: Depilex Beauty Clinic & Institute and Depilex College of Cosmetology.
I assure you that if you join DCC, you'll not only get a world class amkeup learning experience but a diploma/certification which is recognized world-wide. Here are the details of the courses on 20% off.

1- Personal Grooming & personality Development
Duration: 1 Week
2- Personal Grooming for Mature Individuals. / or personal grooming for Career oriented professionals
Duration: 1 Week
3- Makeup, Hair & Skin for Sale
Duration: 1 Week
4- Safe & Hygienic work practice
Duration: 5 Days
5- Contouring for Professionals
Duration: 3 days
6- Colour Correction for Problematic skin
Duration: 2 days
7- Eyeliner Techniques
Duration: 2 days
8- Manicure Treatments
Duration: 5 Days
9- Pedicure Treatments
Duration: 5 Days
10- Nail Art Treatments
Duration: 5 Days
11- Beginners Epilation
Duration: 5 Days
12- Beginners Body Therapy
5 Days Course

Hope you'll find this post helpful.

Keep Sparkling!


#SPBis4 #DCC #DepilexCollege #35years

Note: All the pics with "*" credit goes to Hassan Abbas and his team, rest of the pics are #SPB's property and no use or copy is allowed.

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  4. It was indeed a great day, loved meeting you all. Very nice post :)

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  8. whattay yummilicious post... Ya all look so gorgeous... love your clicks... Reeda is fabulous as her Mother... and the MM cosmetics! xx


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