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When one is out of words, emojies always rescue-out, and this concept is well taken by Pepsi, the nations favourite drink. So are you ready to #SayItWithPepsi? Read More to Reveal More!!!
Recently Pepsi filled the racks with the emoji bumper bottles, and swept away the youth and to take the idea directly to the youth, it launched a campaign #SayItWithPepsi on Twitter, youths favourite social media site. This was meant to be a hit! It was awesome to see people sharing their thoughts and expressing their feeling via #SayItWithPepsi.

The quirky and hap emoji are helping a lot in expressing without uttering/typing a single word. On the Pepsi Bumpers you'll find an emoji for all expressions and celebrations :)

wanna show Patriotism #SayitwithPepsi 
Here are few of the best emoji bumpers that can help you express that what's going on:

Beach Picnic anyone?
Hungry at a dinner?
Routine at study table? #No
Celebrating the Birthday
Movie time!
The creative team of Pepsi must be appreciated for bring up this interactive campaign with which the youth can not only relate but use it their daily life so well. I was personally amazed to see the "New Year Celebrations" expressed via #SayItWithPepsi video, have a look:

Happy New Year - #SayitwithPepsi
Posted by Pepsi Pakistan on Thursday, December 31, 2015

I personally liked the recent activity in which the campaign is been taken to another level, #SayitwithPepsi is clicked with famous monuments of Pakistan and followers are asked to guess the places. Here are two of the pictures :)

Badshahi Mosque

I am glad to see such an interactive campaign by one of my favourite Brand Pepsi. I hope this campaign will be extended and in future we get to see more of such campaigns which engage the youth of our country.

So from now on whatever you have to say, #SayitwithPepsi :)

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  1. I like the idea of this campaign. Loving the emoji bumpers <3 Thanks for sharing

  2. That's so much fun! Emojis are the craze these days.

  3. Aww, I love emojis! These look great!

  4. loving these emoji bumpers.. they are so cute


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