TBS All in One InstaBlur EYE

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The Body Shop claims high for The Body Shop All in One Insta Blur, which is a Tinted Concealer + Primer and a Colour Intensifier. So how it performed for us at #SPB???
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TBS All in One InstaBlur EYE:

Our first eye blur that instantly perfects the appearance of the eye area. Use alone to smooth and conceal imperfections. Use under eyeshadow as a primer to enhance and prolong wear.

  • Eye area looks refreshed
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles
  • Neutralises the appearance of redness on the eyelid
  • Smooths the look of skin
  • Enhances eyeshadow vibrancy
  • Prolongs eyeshadow wear
TBS All in One InstaBlur EYE
TBS All in One InstaBlur EYE
TBS All in One InstaBlur EYE
TBS All in One InstaBlur EYE


This is one of those products which have there goods and bads at the same time. TBS InstaBlur EYE, comes in a plastic sturdy tube with a long nozzle. The formula is a bit dry creamy type. it comes out in a bubble-y stuff. This is tinted in a warmer shade of neutral and blends into translucent. The application can be a bit tricky as it is a bit different in texture from our regular creamy concealers. You have to be gentle in tapping it under eye area. I don't have much of dark circles, unless I have sleep issues or tiring routine, so for me this one is gem it gives a light coverage and blur-out any fine lines as it is silicone based product. You can see the blur effect clearly in the "blended" picture above. I love the natural and neat effect so as a tinted concealer this one is a winner. People with darker under eye area may need some other product to help with concealing. It can prove to be a good primer and colour intensifier, but its dry formulation and texture don't let it apply properly. I tried to apply it on my lids and it started to pill and I was unable to blend it there. I hope the formulation can be changed/improved for this area of work and claim.
So yes as a tinted concealer for a natural and blur out under eye area for a daily natural look this one is a keeper.

Price: PKR 2,560/-

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  1. Too bad the formulation isn't really good. Results are pretty obvious tho. Great review :)

  2. You did a good review. I believe it will not work for me due to the fact that it is a bit on dry side. I like my concealer to be very creamy under my eye.

  3. Great review!The blur effect looks pretty nice though.


  4. Good review! Its a bummer that the texture is dry

  5. i have this tiny baby laying in my stash but never tried it ... will surely give it a try as i also dont require high coverage

  6. Wow it just disappeared! The dry texture is a concern but otherwise it sounds like a neat product.


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