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Valentine’s Day is equal to Love, but this Valentine’s Day 7Up Pakistan has come up with a thought provoking and mind boggling idea of TRUE LOVE! It was not only a game-changer but it came along a wonderful reward. Yes I am talking about #ABetterLoveStory trend which questioned the conventional love in comparison of the Love for food. Read More to Reveal More!!!

What is true love to you? The answer may vary person to person. As the idea and definition of love is unique for everyone. A conventional Love-story needs a Boy and a Girl and kaBoom! The old pathetic “Love at first sight” or “childhood Love”, any ingredient may be added to spice it up, but the end result cannot always be in good taste. It may end up in a heart break, breakup or the worst “Marriage” hahahaha. So beware the quest for true love in a person may end up with any of the above quoted possibilities, BORING! We say. This all is the old “ghisi-pitti” love stories.

Thanks to 7Up for making all the hopeless lovers to realize that the real love can be only obtained from FOOD. Yes no break ups, no more broken hearts and no more depressing stories. #AbetterLovestory is always the love of Food. From mouth watering Pizzas to sumptuous Desi Cuisine food never betray! Satiated taste buds always make a happy person and a happy ending lovestory.

7Up asked the foodies around to share their better love stories with the true love, FOOD. Saad Hameed was finally picked up as the winner as his Love story was better than the conventional love.

Hahahahaha that was a good one, worth a food voucher of 10,000 Rupees. Mooroo’s video proved to be the cherry on the top of this Food oriented campaign, where he clearly describes that how the lovestory of two people is more demanding and you can never satisfy your lover, may it be your dressing or her demands of gifts etc, on the other hand how food doesn’t demand a thing rather offer a lot of satisfaction to your taste buds and tummy!
Have a look at this eye opening fun video :p

Here's a #ABetterLoveStory
Posted by Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo on Sunday, February 14, 2016

I must appreciate the Creative team at 7Up for coming up with this wonderful campaign, which really made us think that how we take our food for granted, and how actually only food can make ours #ABetterLoveStory.

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  1. I like the fact that 7up is coming up with different creative and fun campaigns. Love this one too. Thanks for sharing :)


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