#DEWmocracy: Youths right to vote!

Thursday, February 18, 2016 Sparkling Palette Blog 1 Comments

The Youth is asked to Vote once again… but for what? Its #DEWmocracy! Mountain Dew has come up with a quirky and engaging campaign on digital media via social media networks i.e Twitter and Facebook. Read More to Reveal More!!!

A group of active tweeps started discussing some voting and #Dewmocracy. The mystery reached its peak when celebrities joined in i.e Hamza Ali Abbasi, Umair Jaswal and Junaid Khan, who can truly be stated as youth icons these days. 

Now everyone was questioning and inquiring about what’s going on. The secret was revealed with the Mountain Dew new TVC, as the brand launches three new flavours in the market #PitchBlack, #BlueShock and #LiveWire. The crunch/twist is that only one out of these three flavors is going to remain in the market as it’s the limited flavor range. Brand has asked to choose their favourite flavor and vote for it:

This didn’t settle out things as the active tweeps started taking sides and trying to make their favorite flavor win and #FlavorBattle started on digital media. The campaign was very much effective and Mountain dew users have started using and choosing their favorite flavors.

It’s time for you to choose your favorite flavor, if you wish it to stay. My vote is for “Black” as nothing can beat Grapes. Choose your flavor and start voting!

Team Mountain Dew gets all the applause for bringing in such and interactive and engaging digital campaign.

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