KabeeraKhara Bazar Mein: Post Event Press Release

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[Lahore: January 28, 2016] Ajoka's new play "KabeeraKhara Bazar Mein" premiered in Lahore on January 26, 2016. The play was performed in front of jam packed audience in Alhamra, The Mall, for 3 consecutive days. Kabeera in its first run has proved to be a roaring success. On all three days, the team performing Kabeera received standing ovation from the audience. The musical sequences in the play were highly appreciated. Various verses by this saint/poet Kabeer are repeated in this play, and they were applauded and appreciated by the audience.  

"Kabeera Khara Bazar Mein" is written by Bhisham Sahni (8 August 1915- 11 July 2003) who is an Indian play writer who was born in Rawalpindi in pre-partition sub-continent. Bhisham Sahni and his brother BalrajSahni (who became a Hindi film star of 1960s and 1970s) were educated at the Government College Lahore. With this play, Ajoka has paid tribute to this great son of soil on the occasion of his birth centenary. This play is directed by India's well-known theater director Kewal Dhaliwal. 

Ajoka's play "KabeeraKhara Bazar Mein" is about a mystic/Sufi personality of 15th century. Kabeera who was a poet as well as a saint is the best known representative of the Bhakti movement which was largely monotheistic, spiritual and social movement which challenged the caste system and divides existing in the society. The basic concepts of this movement were related to Sufism, bringing the two movements very close to each other. It is interesting to note that Kabeer was a personality who was in constant conflict with both the orthodox Hindus and the Muslims. 
Ajoka has always brought forward quality entertainment with a message of peace. Kabeera is no different. It is an effort of social change through theatre. 
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  1. Seems like it was an interesting play. Good to see our theaters coming back to life again.

  2. Very Much delighted to Read ^_^


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