Mountain DEW presents Pakistan’s first ever Electronic Music Festival

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 Sparkling Palette Blog 4 Comments

Pakistan had it's first Music Festival, last weekend, thanks to Mountain Dew Pakistan, which launched three new flavors with such a bang!!!
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Mountain Dew Pakistan organized Pakistan’s first ever Electronic Dance Music Festival in Lahore featuring London’s No. 1 Dance and House Club ‘Ministry of Sound’ to launch three exciting new flavours Live Wire, Pitch Black and Blue Shock. The campaign is termed very aptly DEWmocracy since the brand is giving its fans the right to choose which flavor should become a permanent offering in the Dew portfolio. The high profile event was attended by many top celebrities including UmairJaswal, Junaid Khan, Bilal Lashari, QB, Cybil Choudry, Ali Xeeshan and many more.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Team Pitch Black
Junaid Khan Team Live Wire
Umair Jaswal Team Blue Shock
 The event was a first ever of its nature, which took place on the outskirts of Lahore on 20th February. It was widely attended by the hip and chic from across the city and beyond. The festival’s mainstage showcased various successful Pakistani DJs including Hira Tareen, El Safino, VIVID and Fake Shamans, with the main attraction being King Arthur from Ministry of Sound. Various other local DJs rocked three separate DJ Rooms with stages exclusively for each Dew flavour labeled as Live Wire, Pitch Black and Blue Shock. The guests tried all 3 flavors and then got a chance to vote for their favorite one.

Mountain DEW Live Wire
Mountain DEW Black Shock
Mountain DEW Blue Shock
 Mountain Dew stands for originality - the aim of the brand was to promote its three new flavors in an innovative and unique approach which attracts its core audience. At the closing of the night, Lahoris were buzzing from the experience! One such attendee Bilal Latif said: “I attended the event because it's Ministry of Sound! Mountain Dew really outdid itself with this event! I'm gonna vote for Blue Shock”, while another participant added, “When I found out about the event and #DEWmocracy I was intrigued because it's something new letting people decide which flavor they want to stay! Attending DEWxMOS was an awesome experience. A great fusion between the brand and its adventure seeking and exhilarating identity!”.

#DEWmocracy Vote for your favorite flavor
The Gaming counter
Tasting Booth
Entrance to Live Wire
Entrance to Pitch Black
Entrance to Blue Shock
 The launch event immediately went viral over the social media with its hashtags #Dewmocracy and #DEWxMOS. The online conversation engaged people from across the nation to receive live updates for several hours during the event.

It was first of its kind Music festival, well organized by Mountain DEW team, along with a great lineup of local and international DJ's. #SPB thoroughly enjoyed being part of #DEWmocracy campaign.
Mountain Dew is thankful to the Ministry of Sound, our guest DJs, the incredible audience of Lahore and all the implementing partners who participated to make it all possible and a success.

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  3. It was an amazing event, too bad i had to miss it.

  4. Wow looks like an fun event. Thanks for sharing


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