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Skin care is never out of season. Salina Cosmetics introduced SCRUBGLOW which is surely getting some good reviews from #SPB.
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Scrubglow is an instant exfoliating body scrub, that softens and rejuvenates the skin! Made with carefully selected minerals, salts, essential and natural oils, Scrubglow nourishes the skin, removes dry skin and dead skin cells, leaving the skin softer and healthier!



ScrubGlow, is a new body scrub launched by Salina Cosmetics. Like other all organic products, this also is blend of an all natural ingredients i.e essential oils, minerals and salts.
ScrubGlow comes in a sealed jar, same as OrGlow. The first noticeable thing is a strong aroma of coconut oil. As weather is cold in Islamabad, so the product was all stiff and hard, as the oils tends to solidify in cold. I had to take it out with a metallic spoon. Massaging it on the damp/wet skin gives a very soothing effect and its remarkable that the salts do not vanish quickly, and are not harsh either. All natural aromas gives a very soothing and calming effect to body and mind. The most lovable part is that I didn’t have to apply any moisturizer on my skin after using this, as the essential oils penetrates in the skin and leaves your skin well moisturized along with a non-visible layer of oil on it. This product is best for dry skin, esp in cold weather.
ScrubGlow is to be only used on body not face.

Price: PKR 900/- (including delivery charges)

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