Dabur's DermoViva Baby launch in Lahore

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Dabur's DermoViva Baby was launched in Lahore with an activation at Fortress square with enthusiastic participation from families specially the children. So what is this baby care brand and the activity all about, Read More to Reveal More!!!


Dabur has proven its commitment with the health and good will of its consumers yet again, by launching DermoViva, an all natural, chemicals free Baby care products. The product range is Olive based, termed as "Liquid gold", which is very beneficial for skin care. DermoViva Baby has these products for Babies:
  • Olive Massage Oil
  • Olive Shampoo
  • Olive Moisturizing Lotion
  • Olive Soft Cream
All these products are made of 100% natural ingredients and are free from any harmful chemical like Paraffins, parabens, sulphates and phthalates. Dabur's DermoViva baby guarantees natural goodness of Virgin Olive Oil. What else a mother want for the soft and sensitive skin of her child :)

DermoViva Baby Olive Massage Oil
DermoViva Baby Shampoo

#DermoVivaLaunch Activity:

It was well thought by the brand to introduce the products directly to the consumers i.e mothers and children by engaging them in activities and games. This really helped in spreading awareness about brand's purpose. The activation was set up at Fortress Square. Children were engaged in the game and mothers/parents were given an intro about the brand and how the harmful chemicals in many other Baby care products, which may be cheap, can harm the sensitive skin of children.

Dabur's DermoViva Baby launch in Lahore
Dabur's DermoViva Baby launch in Lahore
Dabur's DermoViva Baby launch in Lahore
Dabur's DermoViva Baby launch in Lahore

Children were asked to play an adventurous game in which they have to cross four hurdles, symbolically representing the four harmful chemicals i.e Paraffins, parabens, sulphates and phthalates. The winner were given a souvenir of their hand impression in the branded frame, the runner ups were also given colouring books as prize.

Children busy in colouring activity
Hand impressions of the winners
Children with their prizes
Children with their prizes
Dabur's DermoViva Activation
Mothers were provided in hand information about the brand 
The activation was successful as the targeted audience was given in hand information about the brand Dabur's DermoViva Baby, and also the awareness about how the harmful chemicals are being used by many well-known brands to cut the cost of the production etc. but they can cause real harm to the sensitive skin of the babies. Dermo Viva Baby is all made of natural harmless ingredients with the wholesome goodness of virging Olive Oil, which has immense benefits for skin care , specially for babies's sensitive and soft skin.


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