Lays Fantabulous installation #TastetheGlory!

Thursday, March 31, 2016 Sparkling Palette Blog 1 Comments

No one living in Karachi, the city of lights, can skip this lively and vibrant sight of Lays Installation at Creative Boulevard at Palm, Clifton. I think this is the best Installation I have ever seen. It is not only refreshing to look at, if you are passing by, but also gives so much sporty and lively feel too, further beautifying the city. As Lays Pakistan is giving a chance to one lucky winner to go all the way to #Milan to experience #UEFA finals. Its not only that, the brand is giving many opportunities to everyone to get a chance to win. Here you can Spot this installation, Snap a click and Share on your social media with the hashtag #TasteTheGlory to get a chance to be the ultimate winner of this campaign, a chance to go to Milan, to witness the biggest sports event #UEFA. For details click HERE.

This campaign is ruling the social media these days, as every one is excited to win the ultimate prize, the ticket to Milan. Lays has so many other customized prizes for the winners too. To participate in this just find the code from the special pack of lays, find the code and SMS to 9005. So everyone has a chance to win something with Lays Pakistan. Check the social media for hashtags #TastetheGlory #LaysPakistan

Visit LAYS PAKISTAN for further details.

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