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Being a mom is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a women, it changes her life by all means. Not only she needs the best care in this process, she also wants to give the best to her baby. Mustela is such a brand which promises best skin care for both Mommy and Baby. Read More to Reveal More!!!

Mustela® - The skincare experts for babies and mothers-to-be.

Mustela Product Samples
Mustela PhysiObebe Cleansing Fluid:
No-rinse cleansing fluid Face and diaper area. Cleanses and softens the skin, right from birth on. Protects the vital resources in baby's skin today for tomorrow.
Price: PKR 974 (full size)

Mustela PhysiObebe

This is the most handy product a mom could get for her baby, easy to use for cleaning the baby's face and even diaper area, just apply on cotton ball/pad and clean your baby's skin. It leave skin soft, clean and a smells good. Best for travelling.

Mustela Creme Change Vitamin Barrier Cream:

Prevents diaper rash every day: right from day one. Protects the living capital of your baby’s skin, today and in the future.
Price: PKR 875 (full size)
Mustela Creme Change Vitamin Barrier Cream
Baby rashes are a common issue all mothers face, as babies skin is so soft and a diaper is unavoidable. I always use a medicated cream/ointment for that. But Mustela Creme Change Vitamin Barrier Cream amazed me with its performance, it not only cured the already rashed skin, but also prevent from rashes to appear in future.

Mustela 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash:
Soap-free cleansing gel Babies - children
Gently cleanses the skin and hair. Leaves the hair easy to comb. Protects the vital resources in baby's skin today and for tomorrow.
Price: PKR 900 (full size)

Mustela 2in1 Hair and Body Wash
Lately I have been upset about the immense hair fall of my elder one, as the most trusted shampoo of the world was playing havoc with her hair and skin. Although 2 sachet are not enough to judge a product, but a mom can feel the changes in her child. I am going to buy a bigger bottle soon, as its very mild, no paraben, pthalate and phenoxyethanol or any other harmful chemical in it (and all products of Mustela). Safe for my children's skin and hair. Its a must have.

Mustela Stelatopia:
Mousturizing cream. Babies - children
DRY AND ECZEMA-PRONE SKIN. Restores the skin's barrier function. Soothes itching and irritation. Helps re-balance the skin flora.
Price: PKR 900*

Mustela Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream
Winters are still here, very much, and that's the reason of dry skin, Stelatopia is a mild moisturizing cream which doesn't only soothes the dry skin but also tackle any other mild skin issue like eczema etc. Its very moisturizing and smells a bit medicated.

Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action:
For Moms-to-be or new moms.
Prevents stretch marks from appearing. Helps minimize new stretch marks.
Price: PKR 2800 (full size)

Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action
Although its a bit late for me to use it now, but I like how moisturizing and soothing it is. I apply it after bath on my already stretch marks, the tiger marks/stripes which I proudly earned, and I can feel how moisturizing Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action is. It will be a good product for mothers to be, as due to the changes in body skin is stretching and need moisturization more than ever, keep skin well-moisturized, it will ease the skin which may result in less to no stretch marks :)

Mustela Availability in Pakistan:

Being a mommy myself I recommend you all to try this brand and its amazing products for baby-and-mommy care. For details visit Mustela Pakistan on FaceBook and check their website.

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