BeautyUK Ultimate Contour Palette

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You can't claim to be a beauty buff, if you know nothing about contouring//highlighting. Ultimate Contour Palette by Beauty UK is a perfect product (cream) for rescuing you in this beauty gurus favourite technique.

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BeautyUK Ultimate Contour Palette
BeautyUK Ultimate Contour Palette
BeautyUK Ultimate Contour Palette

Contour, Bronze and Highlight shades
Contour, Bronze and Highlight shades


They may say that contouring is gone, but no boss, it is still much here, as our desi-girls love this technique to get the best results on-and-off camera. I am really amazed by Beauty Uk's Ultimate contour palette for being the perfect, locally available, cream palette. It has three shades:

  1. Contour: a cool toned dark brown
  2. Bronze: a warm medium brown
  3. Highlight: neutral toned light shade
So this is a dream palette for any makeup artist or makeup lover. The contour shade in cool tones is the best for contouring, yes my fellow blogger Fizzah, The Pout Painters Blog, always emphasize that a warm toned contouring shade doesn't suites our skin tones, and I agree. The sculpting which this shade gives is best and doesn't diffuse into our warm complexions. I love the bronzing shade, although we don't much need bronzing on our warm tones, but why not? I love applying it, when I am not even in mood of cotouring. Highlight shade is to be used with a lot of care, it is very pigmented so use a very little, of you'll end up creating a white-zone on your face. So this palette is a best friend for a well sculpted/contoured face :)

#SPBRecommends Beauty Uk Ultimate Contour palette (cream).

Available nationwide, for online visit
Price: PKR 990/-

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  1. These shades look perfect for our desi skin tones. Oh yes thanks to Fizzah for the contouring techniques she has taught us. Great review :)

  2. Thank you so much for the appreciation girl ^_^ I was guilty of using a bronzer as contour too until last year :D

    The Pout Painters

  3. Nice review. I still use bronzer as a contour :D

  4. The shade choice is really good and contour color is perfect for our skins no doubt. Great review.

  5. The contour palette is amazing and the colors are well defined for desi skin tone. Great post :)


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