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Ki & Ka, the latest Bollywood release is not only breaking stereotypes, but also giving a small message of "Change", to ponder upon!
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I am a die hard fan of ONLY GOOD movies produced by Bollywood, I know it vary person to person, the choices, the fan moments, the touchy emotional outbursts etc, but undoubtedly Hindi-Cinema knows how to capture the hearts and minds of its fans. From Pakeeza to Baji Rao Mastani I have seen almost all, few loved and few abhorred. Not much fan of south-inspired Hindi cinema with flying cars, for no reason and fultoosh action (yanna rascala), yet have a keen taste in the commercial plus parallel cinema, light heart comedies, family drama (playing KKKG theme song in background), anything which is served well in the platter. I am fortunately one of those Bollywood fans, who can tell the success of the movie by it's trailer, my 7th sense developed for cinema only lolz. As this is my first "proper" film review so I wanted to give you an idea, that "trust me, I know how the Indian Cinema rolls!".

Let's talk about this movie "Ki & Ka" (the title sounds so Japanese anime), a story of two, not too young people. Kabir the larKA and Kia the larKI, meets on a flight, meets often, like eachother, share their life plans, proposes, accepts and KABOOM! yes the first half is too fast (I was almost waiting that in any next scene they'll show their baby too, but that never happened lolz). Sounds like any other Bollywood movie, NA! here is a major twist, Kia is an ambitious, career oriented lass, a perfect modern woman, not much deal? Yes as the bigger deal is that our hero Mr. Kabir is not a typical corporate slave male, all he wants to be is a "HOME-MAKER" (trasssshhhhh!!!Maa key hath se glass choott gya) Yes he is really weary of the obnoxious and orthodox thinking prevailing in the society that housewives (24/7 job, mind it!) does nothing at all, they are considered useless, as if the daily work and pati-ki-garam-chai is all made by a fairy-god-mother! He is the man any woman would idealize, he adores a woman work at home as "ART" (where are you bro! I am here *whistles*) May be, some if not all, ladies want such a man who let them be what they want to be, but doesn't everyone wishes for such a life partner despite the gender?
The Plot is simple, nothing complicated, seedhi seedhi story hai! but with one single twist that our home-maker is a male member. As personification of a modern ambitious woman, achieving her goals and flying high, is nothing new to the Silver screen. But a man, that too THAT tall, dusky, handsome setting home, cooking meals, going shopping, arranging kitty-parties and wearing a "mangal-sutar" in his hand is relevantly new. Few people may shun off the idea by saying "aesa kaha hota hai!", then let me tell you aesa hota hai, but nobody openly tells as society will go nuts na! For regular commercial movie lovers this may not be the dish with enough serving as their is NOT MUCH Drama, in it, it is as simple movie as "2 States". Romance is full on! There is a single sequence of Action though, but I didn't personally liked it as it hinted upon the "Delhi Bus incident" and that puke-y dialogue "lagta hai Delhi phir se safe hogye" was too much for my digestion :/ Sorry but I didn't like that satire or whatever it was.

Acting wise no one did any remarkable job. Arjun Kapoor only seemed an extension of his role in 2 States, same angry young lad, at daggers drawn with his father, loving his mother and committed to his girl. Still his role offered a lot with all that culinary skills and passion for home decor. Kareena kapoor, just seemed the same as her hysteric cries from "Heroine". The mommy jee was all sweet, too sweet to be swallowed, she even delivered the soul dialogues as if asking us all to chillax and not expect much from her,  lolz. The real power houses were surely Mr. Amitabh Bachan and Jaya Bachan ji, playing themselves, their role was of guest appearance still so impact full that Jaya ji's letter to Kia made me cry (I am such an emotional mess, lolz)

Songs were average, I don't know what they were expecting with "Fool-Ishq"? may be just fooling around and making a song :p "Most Wanted Munda" is an upbeat song, defines the character of Kabir very well. My most favourite has to be "Muhabbat hai yeah ji-hazoori nahi", this has to be the love-anthem of every married or committed couple. I loved it so much that I left the theater humming it (IN MY HEAD). I really don't remember if there was any other song, I don't even care. lolz! oh yes that high heel song, the item number!

But man! I loved the decor of the apartment with all that locomotive and train station themes. Full Marks for that!

Another missing thing was CLIMAX, yes all time long I was waiting for a climax, that never came. Here are few instances which conventianally had a potential, but sank as titanic's little boat:

  • Kia thinks she is pregnant, but no she is NOT, thank to best of 5 test
  • Kabir gets American jelousy, but a hot scene, cencored for us, resolved the issue well
  • Rented house is going on sale, but nay the day is saved by some self-talking of Kabir
  • Kabir meets his ex-girlfriend but still no Kaboom! (I was expecting much lolz)
Just Kabir's  meeting with the Bachan's and the mommy's  little trip to hospital was enough to bring a storm in the cup, which concludes with mommy telling the gist* of the film (read next para) and Kia reading Jaya ji's letter. The end was not much different too, a flight re-union, they wanted to add a silly twist with the face expressions, but who cares for that anymore  :p

Even after all this list of flaws and short comings I see "Ki & Ka" rising above many contemporary films. I must appreciate R. Balki (Writer and Director) for doing the role-reversal with a twist, yes I must count his move of making a Male protagonist playing the role of a home maker, much wise and clever. As by placing a man in the shoes of a housewife, he has achieved the best results, yes as seeing a man in place of a woman as home-maker he highlighted the plight of females very well, kudos! The gist* of the movies is that the basic social difference of our modernizing society is not that of a male or female, anymore, its about the bread winner and the home maker, and I agree. As modern generation we all want to bring the change in the wold, we have agreed to strengthen our girls, and no doubt they are doing wonders but have we worked on the upbringing and mentality of our sons? no, not yet, have we ever asked them to help us in kitchen, have we ever groomed their softer side, their love for art and home-making? We may allow our girls to dress-up as Batman or Superman, but can we allow our boys to dress-up as Cat-Woman, nay as we all still believe that to be strong have to be like men only... they have no softer side, think about it and watch Ki & Ka.

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  1. I really likes the movie. Nice post btw :)

  2. Oh my god! This was such an entertaining post, I tell you! :D I enjoyed every bit of it. And honestly, I REQUEST you to post more movie reviews. You write them exceptionally well! I am yet to watch Ki&Ka. I actually really liked Happy New Year. What do you think about it? :)

  3. I typed such a long comment and now it's not here :'(
    Nevermind. :/

    I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this post very much, and would request you to make this a series on your blog. I will personally make sure to check out each and everyone. 'Cause this was very entertaining, I tell you! :)
    What do you think about Happy New Year? :)

  4. Sounds like a nice bolly movie. Will surely plan to watch it soon. Greatttttt review

  5. This was a full of giggles review. I am impressed by your ability to make us laugh while sharing your view about a movie. ;) You should be doing more of these and oh, I have yet to watch this movie so no comments on the plot. :D

  6. Reading your review I felt like |I am watching the movie. Really well written :) I am a Kareena Kapoor Fan so no matter what the story is I am gonna love it. :D Kia is such a beautiful name btw.


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