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Now don't judge from where all the calories are coming on us, as this the second food review coming from #SPBFood within a couple of days :p Well a new innovative #Pizza in the town don't hurt anyone!?
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Pizza Hut, one of the largest international food chains in the country and a pioneer within the pizza industry, introduced a new innovative pizza, "Cheesy Bites". The unique proposition of this pizza is its 24 cheese-filled bites lining the outer crust that make this new innovation even more delicious and scrumptious.
The Cheesy Bites Pizza also introduces three delicious new crust finishers; Garlic Parmesan, Spicy Sweet Siriracha and Flaming Habanero BBQ. This is one innovation that no one is so far offering in the market. 
Garlic Parmesan - The buttery garlic-parmesan sauce with a combination of cheese and herbs 
Spicy Sweet Siriracha - It's sweet, spicy, and salty, with a tint of sour
Flaming Habanero BBQ - Fresh hot peppers with BBQ sauces

PizzaHut #CheesyBites

PizzaHut #CheesyBites
Spicy Sweet Siriracha
Flaming Habanero BBQ
Garlic Parmesan


I am a pizza lover, a self proclaimed #PizzaPagal lolz. My strategy for pizza is clear, that "It must be Pizza, I need nothing else to like it". Well this one here is a bit innovative rather demands and bit of culinary creativity. I was asked for the flavour choice, I chose "Chicken Supreme" as I like my pizza with Black olives and Mushrooms. For the cheesy bites' flavour I asked for all three, as it was a pizza for "tasting". Well I like the new pizza style, but I wish it had more of toppings as I asked for, as it was a complimentary pizza, but I guess they wanted to keep it real :p. Taste was fine, as usual. The pizza was fresh with thin crust. The cheesy bites, esp the ones with sauces on it were overcooked and turned almost black as if burned, but tasted fine. The cheesy bites were a bit more saltish than my liking. Next time I'll order only Garlic Parmesan cheesy bites, as I liked it more.
I'd say do try the cheesy bites pizza, I am sure you will like it.

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  1. I tried this pizza last week and absolutely loved it. Your post made me crave for it again.


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