O.P.I NAIL ENVY is true!

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O.P.I Nail Envy seems a very promising nail strengthener from the ingredients to the claims that it makes, let's see how #SPB liked it... Read More to Reveal More! 

Nails' condition before use
Nails after using OPI NAIL ENVY for a month

Reason unknown but my nails started breaking and chipping (situation can be seen in the image above) I was so worried, in such despair situation I decided to give a try to OPI NAIL ENVY, and I don't regret my decision. The usage is quite easy, apply on cleaned nail, re-apply coats for a week, remove it after week, and start the daily application once again. I could see a good change in my nails with in a month. with Wheat Protein and Calcium as its key ingredients, it really strengthens the nails. It may seems a bit glue-y in the bottle but dries to full matte transparent film on nails. Give a smooth base too, can be used as a base coat for Nail colours as well. I am pretty much impressed.

NOTE: As such worst situation of nails also indicates about some health issues, mainly related to lack of Calcium. So I also started a Calcium supplement recommended by my Doctor.

Price: Pkr 990/- for 15 ml.

Available in stores nationwide and online on daraz.pk.

I will take a chance here to praise another beauty by OPI, that is the Natural Nail Base Coat, which is the best in Town. So this duo has helped me a lot.

Natural Nail Base coat on my Nails
OPI Base Dynamic Duo!
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  1. OMG i have the exact same problem, they start chipping of. Need to try this strengthener. Thankyou for the review and WELCOME BACK!!! :)

  2. I neeeed to get this! I have the exact nail issue specially with my toe nails. Great find!


  3. Wow there is a visible difference in condition of your nails. Sounds like a worth trying product. Thanks for sharing

  4. Amazing results. I am so not high maintenance when it comes to nails. But I am glad my nails are not in bad condition either.


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