#RishtonMeinInnovation by Orient, a well received TVC

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 Sparkling Palette Blog 2 Comments

World is Changing, so are the people and their perspectives. Every enlightened mind want to break free from plaguing customs and demand a positive innovation, in life and relations. Recently Orient Appliances came up with such a mind boggling TVC, raising voice against prevailing Dowry system in our culture. 
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The Orient Appliances TVC starts with the common worries of parents at the occasion of their daughter's wedding, as they prepare for buying the wedding gifts, modernized name for #Dowry. Mother is giving voice to her deep rooted fear, while the father is counting his long life savings. Obviously every bride-to-be has a dream of her own home and the brands has all to offer for her new home. But the TVC resolves not in an expected way, yes the partner, the groom-to-be is happy to pay for the purchase, as he also shares the dream of their home together, here is where the #RishtonMeinInnovation comes. The concept is new to our Customs-stuck society, but is really well received by the modern/educated minds. Youth took to #Twitter, and other social media networks like #Instagram, to express their thoughts about this TVC, and shared their voices negating the old age custom of dowry being blindly followed in our society, mostly in  name of honour of girl's family or just a mere show off of riches. But the worst face of this disease is when its enforced on a girl's family, as they think she won't get married if she is unable to take things and riches along her. The idea is being floated by the brand, well taken by the society and we can soon expect a change, a change for good only!

Here are some tweets:

Check Orient Pakistan's Page on Facebook HERE. Have a look at the TVC which is changing minds, hope the hearts change soon! #SayNoToDowry

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  1. I really like the concept behind this TVC and the whole idea of this campaign. Finally someone talked about a much important issue of our society. Its about time we take stand against dowry and make relationships pure and not materialistic :) #Rishtonmeininnovation

  2. Great post. Now all your that discussion makes sense. Xxx


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