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Eid is coming, so are the Eid collections, but Nimsay's Eid Collection and its campaign "Altogether Now" got our heart and mind on it. We interviewed Manahil Qureshi, the Marketing Executive and Head of Photography at Nimsay, to explore about the brand, latest Eid Collection and this unique campaign, which questions the stereotypical approach towards beauty, in Pakistan.
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"Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder!" the most used beauty quote, but what if the beholder's mind is conditioned by commercialism in a certain way, where beauty is only Fair and skinny? Yes this is what commercialism has done to us, in every other Ad we are told that success, esp to ladies, only come if they are fair in complexion, with long flow-y jet black hair and yes no extra body fat allowed, except the "only curves" the consumer want to see. Fair complexion and certain waist size assures success and love for ladies in their life, according to these brands. But can we see such models of beauty in our real life? NO! The beauty all around us comes in different colours and sizes. This is what made "Altogether Now", the campaign by Nimsay for their Eid Collection, standout! Nimsay has used 5 models to shoot their Eid Collection, each model represent different size and colour of skin, to which every normal girl can relate. These may be unique to the beauty standards of the industry, but its good to see models having different skin colours, from dusky to fair, heights and body sizes from 8-16.
To get a more insight about the brand "Nimsay", the latest Eid Collection and this unique campaign "Altogether Now" we talked to the Marketing executive and the Photographer of this campaign Manahil Qureshi, have a read!
Manahil Qureshi, Marketing executive at Nimsay
SPB: Who is real Manahil Qureshi?

MQ: Manahil Qureshi is just Manahil Qureshi. Nothing mysterious or fancy, just a simple person with big dreams, when I say big I mean huge huge dreams. Dreams that have no end or limit. This is the perfect definition of me. 

SPB: How long you have been associated with the brand NIMSAY, and your designation?

MQ: Nimsay has been up and shining since 10 years now. It has been a long journey and I have been with Nimsay since the very beginning. I’ve had various roles through out but the major has been being the Marketing Executive and the head photographer at Nimsay.

Altogether Now! Eid Collection by NIMSAY
SPB: What is the brand motto of Nimsay?

MQ: I could insert in a fancy quote here and make it look quite ‘fancy’ but honestly, everything at Nimsay is simple and straight forward. We want to bring in the latest fashion and keep our traditions still in the frame. There has to be someone keeping it real and original, we’ve volunteered to be the one doing it. It’s a hard job doing that but it’s what we aim to do and will continue to do. 

SPB: What type of clientele Nimsay deals with and what cloth-line it does offer?

MQ: All kind of girls and ladies, no other differentiation. We have something for all kinds of taste and fashion, which is what I absolutely love about Nimsay.

SPB: You yourself have done the photography for  the recent Eid collection of Nimsay, is Photography a passion or just a hobby?

MQ: Yes I have and photography is something way more than just a hobby for me. There’s a certain something that drives a person and in my case creativity and photography is what drives me. I have been into it since my early teenage and I plan on continuing it till I consider myself one of the very best.

Altogether Now! Eid Collection by NIMSAY
SPB: Share the story behind the unique concept of the recent Eid Collection shoot “Altogether Now”

MQ: My team and I were brainstorming for ideas and nothing really clicked. Well, we kept sitting in the office for long just thinking, scrolling through the internet in hope of coming up with an idea and I was just randomly looking around a Pakistani blog on instagram which had posted a picture of a girl who looked absolutely gorgeous. Just out of curiosity and habit, I started going through the comments and boy, was I amazed at what I read. The whole comments section was filled with stuff like:
that girl is so dark! where is the beauty in that? 
They should’ve chosen a lighter skin tone :/
This colour is looking awful on her dark skin
Who made her a model? 
This is when it clicked to me what Pakistan really needs. It’s been long we’ve been stuck in this awful habit of discouraging darker skin tones or spreading comments like this. It’s about time we really open our eyes and see the beauty in all colours and sizes. You won’t just see a variation in complexions but you’ll also see that Altogether Now has models of various sizes as well. Everywhere you see, you’ll find a size 6-8 model looking great in a dress but we’ll show you how a size 16 or plus looks ravishing in Nimsay.

SPB: How the idea of breaking beauty stereotypes in local market came up, and was it easy to execute it in the society which has a very paranormal kind of ideology regarding beauty?

MQ: I have to say that the criticism started right within my team. I had to fight that and make everyone believe that this is what Pakistan needs, this is what we need. It was a complete risk for Nimsay to make this move because you never know what way a Marketing technique might go. The shoot is not completely out yet so our fingers are still crossed.

Altogether Now! Eid Collection by NIMSAY
SPB: What is real beauty to you?

MQ: Ever seen a perfectly grilled, smoking hot BBQ coming to you? That’s real beauty to me. Food is all the beauty I look for.
(#SPB can so relate :p)

SPB: What shall we expect from Nimsay, the brand, in future?

MQ: Much more campaigns like this, actually even better. We want to make a difference in the ideology of Pakistani people and we believe we will be able to make a difference, InshaAllah. 

SPB: Any message for Sparkling Palette Blog’s followers (regarding beauty or personal style)

MQ: Keep an eye out for the new campaign and we also have a beauty blog if you need the top notch information on all beauty related products, follow @mahrukharifofficial on Instagram and you won’t be sorry.

Thank you Manahil Qureshi for taking out time from your busy schedule for the Sparkling Palette Blog and our followers.

To checkout the latest Eid collection visit Nimsay's Website and FaceBook page.

Hope you all like this interview and the natural concept of Beauty which this campaign by Nimsay tried to highlight, do share your feedback, that what's real beauty to you?

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  1. Nice article. The dresses are very nice

  2. Great questions Huda. You can clearly see what the people behind the campaign were thinking. I am blown away by the beautiful diversity and hope to see more of her photography highlighting important issues. May I ask who your makeup artist for this shoot was? The outfits are quite unique. I rarely say that about a brand but I really like these :)

  3. I am loving the designs and color scheme of the collection. Thanks for sharing more info about the brand and the person behind it.

  4. The whole concept behind this collection is applause worthy. I love the simplicity in their collection. :) x

    PS: Really a thought provoking post!


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