Must Have Fall Fashions!

Thursday, September 01, 2016 Sparkling Palette Blog 1 Comments

Back to school time means back to the store time! Check out below for what’s hot this fall season:

1. Florals

Although summer is over, you can still enjoy flowers as a fashion statement. Floral prints are all the rage this fall. One of the coolest ways they are being used is as bold, Victorian-style prints that would look right at home as wallpaper in a 19th century mansion. These are not your everyday spring floral designs! 

2. Red in Every Shade

Every fall seems to bring back the color red. Usually it is one particular shade of red that is featured, but not this year. Every glorious hue of red is being utilized by designers this fall. One of the best ways to use red is by wearing a daring red skirt or a bold shade of red lipstick. If daring red lipstick isn’t your style go pick up some EOS lip balm instead! 

3. Intricate Detailing

Another Victorian style that is back in a big way this fall is detailing on clothing. Lace and embroidery in particular are very popular right now. Beadwork also seems to be on the rise. Try wearing a blouse with lots of beautifully intricate detailing to glam your look this fall.

4. Bomber Jackets

If you are a fan of 80s fashion, then you will love the return of the bomber jacket this fall. These bomber jackets are updated to reflect a modern look, featuring things like embroidery, satin, patches and sequins.

5. Bohemian Luxury

While this may seem like a contradiction terms, boho luxe is definitely in right now. This means that loose, free-flowing bohemian skirts, blouses and dresses are being made with luxurious materials like silk and satin. This combines the feeling of luxury with a carefree attitude that is very intriguing.

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  1. I love deep shades and dull gold jewels for fall. Thanks for the fun post huda :)


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