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Although I still love the excitement of opening an old family photo-album, but gone are the days of printing photos, these days you can almost print a picture/memory on anything, yes anything, be it a fridge magnet, mugs, trugs, lamps etc. Still not sure? Then visit to see what great ideas they have in-store for you.
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PrintShrint is a team of professionals with varying interests. Some of us love taking pictures, write about things while some create interesting stuff on the web - But all of us have one thing in common... We all love printing ;) offers customized Photo Printing on Magnets, Lamp, Cube & Mugs.

Place order through our website and we will deliver it to your door step. Cash on delivery service available for all over Pakistan.

Our customers are our assets and we strive to achieve cent percent customer satisfaction.

Have a look at what they are offering so far:


Fridge magnets
Customized Trug aka Travel mug
Note: Faces of kids are blurred on purpose.

Trug Cap


Innovation has taken over our lives, and that too for good. Things are changing, emotions have become Emojis and what not. Now we have a modern way of doing anything, rather everything. SO the old way of getting pictures printed and saved in the piles of albums, which is still much alive, pretty much is getting replaced by customized products having pictures of you and your loved-ones printed on them. That being said, I came across on Instagram, and I loved the idea, next we were selecting images to get printed on fridge magnets and a travel mug. I was surprised that in a day or two my order was at our doorstep (they offer cash-on-delivery) Voila!
Let me tell you that shopping from this site is pretty mush easy like A-B-C, they have an app too, which, when installed in your phone, makes your shopping much easier and much user friendly. By the way I placed my order via Printshrint App (you can find the link to app in google play/Apple app  store from the site).
Now come to the quality of the products, I am amazed, that every printed fridge magnet (I ordered 27) is printed so well and fine in quality, sticks to fridge or any metallic surface very well. The Travel Mug aka Trug is also very handy, I am surely taking it to our next road trip :)

Price: 9 Magnets for Pkr 650/- & Travel Mug for Pkr 990/-

P.S you get amazing discounts if you order more than one product :)

Visit the Website and keep yourself updated from the FaceBook Page.

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  1. i hv checked this page and its pretty awesome <3 :) thnx for sharing


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