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Nothing is more pleasurable than enjoying the creation by one of your beloved fellow bloggers! So proud of The Pout Painter's duo Fizzah & Sadaf for creating the #ArtistePalette, which is surely a revolutionary tool for all makeup enthusiasts!
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Artiste Palette created by The Pout Painters:

"These are rust-proof, light-weight, pure Stainless Steel palettes that every makeup lover, makeup artist and enthusiast can use to pour foundation, concealers, cream products, or anything else and to mix foundations/concealers/any cream products or glitters.
Sadaf and I being makeup enthusiasts were always in need of such palettes that could keep our hands clean.
The Stainless Steel surface prevents the products from drying up too quick as they do on the hands, allowing you to use the last bit of product you dispense. :)
The Artiste Palette is usable on both the sides, the rings are perfect for someone who has to work on others. Wear it on your fingers, pour eyeliner/concealers and apply without getting your hands dirty!
Wash these with water, makeup remover, nail paint remover or even dish washing soap! These won't go bad whatsoever!"

- Fizzah & Sadaf

Artiste Palette created by The Pout Painters
Artiste Palette- Big
Artiste Palette Easy to hold
Spatula for mixing
Artiste Palette- Oval & Square Rings
Artiste Palette- Adjustable Finger Rings
Artiste Palette Rings- Easy to wear & use
Artiste Palette- customized pouches


Artiste Palette is now a must in your makeup stash, if you are a professional makeup artist or just a makeup enthusiast like me. Like many of you, I never heard of it earlier, I guess no one used it or may be never felt a need... Thanks to The Pout Painters, bloggesr and aspiring makeup artist duo Fizzah & Sadaf, who not only felt the need but exclusively created an "Artiste Palette". What is this for? you'll be wondering, this is a makeup tool which helps you mix and match shades on-the-go! While doing makeup, our own or client's, one need to check a shade or mix two or more shades of Foundation, Concealer, eyeliners or even lipsticks etc. most of the time, rather everytime we end up messing our hands, now here is where you need this Artiste palette, so you can mix-match-create your desired shades on to the palette with the help of the spatula and apply it. In this way you can only mix the quantity you desire, without contaminating it much (unlike mixing on hands etc.) The Big Artiste palette is good for professional makeup use, as it has a lot of space for mixing many products side by side, while I love the Ring-Palettes for personal usage which is very easy and convenient to use. Wear it on one hand's finger and mix and apply with the other.

Recently I felt the need of such a makeup assisting tool, when I had to mix two shades of my favourite Masarrat Makeup Silk Foundation (Beige being darker, Ivory being lighter to my complexion). Earlier I had mixed a reasonable quantity in a small storing jar, to use whenever I need to make-up-my-face. With this Artiste Palette I am a happy-woman! as I take out the quantity I require for single use, mix it on my favourite Ring palette and TADA! ready to apply and rock-the-party! (demonstrated below)


Took required quantity of foundation on Ring Palette
Mixed both with spatula, ready to use!

I am sure after knowing its convenient usage you want one in your makeup stash, right? So contact The Pout Painters on their Facebook Page (Laptop users can use the SHOP button for easy shopping) They offer COD too, plus payment via bank transactions & easy-paesa etc.


Big Artiste Palette + Spatula: Pkr 1200/-
Ring Palettes without Spatula: Pkr 600/- each


To get a 10% off on your purchase use the code "SPB10", Go get yours NOW!
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  1. These palettes surely make our foundation and other makeup product mixing a lot easier. Love your clicks <3


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