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Good news for Islamabad! Healthy eating is not an issue any more- Protein Factor delivers a healthy, low calorie and protein enriched food at your doorsteps!
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Protein Factor is a special service to provide food with low calorie and high protein, its the best option if you are planning to start healthy eating, and can not fuss about it yourself. They give consultation to each client and plan meal according to everyone's personal requirement. They customize meal and diet even if you want to gain weight. Every meal is cooked in a good hygiene environment, packed in a beautiful packaging, with a plastic fork and knife (to help you have a meal on-the-go or at your work place). Every packaging has a calorie-count mentioned of every food item. They have a variety of meals in the menu to suite your taste buds i.e Chicken, Fish and beef too. They have installed their counters at many renowned Gyms in Islamabad. They deliver to your doorstep, plus the menu is so economical that healthy eating is not a hassle anymore!

Selection from yummy menu of Protein Factor
Chicken Steak With Herbs:

I must say that I couldn't have imagined a healthy yet sumptuous Chicken steaks ever, but after having this full fledge meal from Protein Factor I can say that steaks are healthy food too :p
The Chicken meat was tender, cooked with perfection, enriched with the taste of herbs. All the veggies were boiled and sauteed i.e potato, sweet potato, carrot, broccoli. The sauce was light and tasty too. I enjoyed this meal the most. After having it i felt full, yet light!

Price: Pkr 450/-

Chicken Steak With Herbs

Chilli Chicken Sandwich:

The secong meal I tried from Protein Factor is their Chilli Chicken Sandwich. Made with brown bread, filled with yummy veggie chicken filling in a light mayo dressing, sizzled with ground chilli. It was so yumm, that I couldn't believe its a diet food :p Its served with coleslaw. The sauce with it is so spicey, but obv chilli chicken sandwich has to be spicy!

Price: Pkr 250/-

Chilli Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Caesar Salad:

Caesar Salad so yummy so fresh and so healthy! I loved how it was garnished with a lot of herbs on top. The sauce is very delicious yet very light. I loved eating it and felt really fresh, light and full.

Price: Pkr 300/-

Chicken Caesar Salad

I am really impressed by #ProteinFactor services from presentation to taste and totally recommends it. Obviously only having a healthy deit once a while wont make any difference, to get the best results one has to adapt a healthy lifestyle and a balanced food plays a major role in it, and here is where Protein Factor is ready to help you. Do try them out and give us your feed back.

Contact Protein Factor on 0300-6665581 or visit them on Facebook Page & Instagram.

PR is handled by #MuznaShafi at Imaginati0nStation

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  1. It has been my staple diet since last month and I must say I truly love it.

  2. I tried their chicken steak this week and I must say I really liked it. Need to try the rest of the things on their menu. Great review.

  3. The food and presentation looks great.


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