Stageline Professional H-Fix Eye Liner & Ultra Defined Mascara

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 Sparkling Palette Blog 9 Comments

H-Fix Gel Liner - Black Stageline Ultra Defined Mascara - Black

Eyes are the main focus of any makeup look, be it glam or no-makeup look. Makeup enthusiasts are always in search for best products which assure longevity and deliver results! Today #SPB reviews Stageline Professional's H-Fix Gel Liner and Ultra Defined Mascara.
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H-Fix Gel Liner-Black:
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Long Lasting
  • Pitch Black Perfect Liner
  • Smooth like never before

Ultra Defined Mascara-Black:
  • Creamy
  • Smooth finish
  • Perfect finish
  • Long lasting

Stageline Professional H-Fix Eye Liner & Ultra Defined Mascara

Stageline H-Fix Gel Liner - Black

Stageline Ultra Defined Mascara - Black

Eye Makeup Look done using Stageline Liner and Mascara


The image of my EyeMakeup says it all, do I need to say anything? Don't worry I'll surely give you a detail into these both products, which won me over!
H-Fix Gel Liner in Black is a very creamy liner, applies smooth and dries in a reasonable time. Its Water-proof, all you need is a good eye-liner application skill. I used my RealTechniques liner brush for application. Although its waterproof, and don't smudge, removing it was not mess, as I easily wiped it off with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. You can use any cream-based makeup remover too. Staying power of this black gel-liner is also impressive.

First thing first, the Ultra Defined Mascara in black has a beautiful packaging, all silver, trademark of #StagelineMakeup. This wand is my all time favourite among many types of spoolie-mascara-wands. This is not big, defines each lash impeccably. I have long lashes (touch-wood) so basically what I look in a good mascara is the Volume, and this one surely delivers it. The formula is thick, and effect is like a mascara infused with fibers. It made my lashes look thick and full! pretty much obvious in the image above.
Tip: Just clean-off the tip of Mascara wand for a more defined result.

Stageline H-Fix Gel Liner-Black: Pkr 995/-
Stageline Ultra Defined Mascara-Black: Pkr 1095/-

Available instores, nationwide and online on

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Note: In header-image it is mistakenly mentioned as A-fix liner, its H-Fix Gel Liner.

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  1. The eyeliner sounds promising. Do update upon the drying part though, since cream liners tend to dry up fast!
    P.s you got pretty eyes!

    1. Yes the eyeliner is a gem. Ill update for sure!

      PS: Thank you :*

  2. Seems like a reasonable product. Mascara results seem very similar to Essence mascaras.

    1. No I found it a bit different than Essence ones :) it's result is like fiber mascaras.

  3. I really like the eyeliner. Love your subtle eye makeup. Nice review

  4. Hmm, both products sound good and I really liked your neat EOTD. Great review. :)

    Chaste & Beautiful

  5. amazing... thanks for telling me prize.. i would buy mascara :)


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