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Positive Pakistan

The claim"Pakistan has a lot of talent" is being proved by the recent campaign of #Sparkistan by Atlas Battery. The brand has taken a great initiative to bring forth the strong and positive image of Pakistan with all it's sparkling talent!
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The great campaign #Sparkistan must have captured your attention on social media these days. The Brand, Atlas Battery is highlighting the sparkling citizens of Pakistan, who have gone beyond physical and creative limits to achieve the best for their Motherland. Few of them didn't get the recognition they deserved and missed the limelight, Atlas Battery brings them forth, and show the world that how Pakistan is rich in the Gems of Human Talent!


#Sparkistan Syed Fahad Ali
Last week #Sparkistan highlighted the noble cause of a man, who struggled through his education years, but after acheiving desired education he decided to give back to the society by supporting unprivileged children, meet Syed Fahad Ali, Founder of Aghaz School. Aghaz Schools help the needy children not only with education but also with all the supplies i.e books, uniform. Let's hear the Sparkling story of this Proud Son of Pakistan:


It is our pride that the world now knows us by the name of "EDHI", but the world must also know that Edhi Sahb has sown the seeds of kindness and humanity in our next generation too. Zaymal Umar is a very Sparkling Example of this, this little girl not only achieved the title of youngest entrepreneur of the world but is also using her creativity for Environmental awareness. She uses recycled paper to make paper bags, decorate them with her creative designing skill so the use of plastic bags can be stopped. But that's not all, this little angelic soul sells her hand made paper bags and the earning is used for various charities. I am personally impressed with this girl who has such a creative mind and a golden heart! Truly young pride of #Sparkistan Zaymal Umar:

If this really impressed you then start doing something really good for our beloved Pakistan!
Pakistan Paindabad!

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  1. This campaign sounds amazing. The work Syed Fahad Ali is doing is simply amazing.


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