Go Natural Pakistan's Product review plus a DIY Oil-mix for Hair

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Dry and damaged hair, chemically treated, tried all remedies/shampoos/conditioners and DIY masks yet nothing worked??? Then you have clicked on the right post as today we will talk about how to tame such hair, featuring the oils from Go Natural Pakistan.
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Go Natural Bag
I was going through one of the worst phases of hair damage due to my latest craze for "balayage", well I love colouring my hair, but I usually forget to take EXTRA care of my hair after it and this laziness of me costs me a lot of frizz and hair-fall. I wanted to try something really worth trying and which can deliver good results. Glad Go Natural Pakistan came to my rescue, they provide all natural and organic products on very nominal prices, mainly oils and essential oils. I already had their Coconut Oil, which I didn't use to my laziness. In my Green Go Natural's bag I got Rosemary Oil, Jojoba Oil and Rose water, which are all 100% natural. The packing is simple yet sturdy, each product has clear expiry date mentioned on it. Let's talk about each product and its benefits for skin and Hair care first and then I'll share a video of my favorite Hair care DIY Oil Mix with you all beauties :)


Go Natural Coconut Oil
Well who isn't aware of the benefits of the Coconut Oil? It has been used in our households since ever for many skin and hair related regimen. In some regions it is also used in for preparation of food and its vital health benefits are renowned world over. But today I'll particularly talk about its usage/benefits for Hair Care. Coconut Oil helps in hair-growth, scalp nourishing, itching, dandruff, split-ends, hair breakage and as it really helps smoothing any frizz in hair, it also helps with the length of hair. It is also good for skin moisturization. It is a carrier oil. Go Natural's Coconut Oil is the best thing that had happened to my lifeless hair

Go Natural's Price: PKR 160/-


Go Natural Rosemary Oil
RoseMary oil is an essential oil know for its aromatic usage. But its benefits for hair cannot be ignored at all. This doesn't only stimulate hair growth, helps in cleaning the scalp too. 3-4 drops of Rosemary Oil, mixed with any good carrier oils i.e Coconut oil or Jojoba Oil, can be the best hot-oil massage weekly. The best part is that the aroma of rosemary oil is considered the best anti-stress, I feel really relaxed whenever I apply any oil mix including few drops of Go Natural's Rosemary Oil. If you are extra fatigued massage few drops topically onto your temples etc and see the magic of all tension/fatigue go away!

Go Natural's Price: PKR 490/-


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Go Natural Jojoba Oil
Jojoba Oil is a carrier oil, it has immense benefits for skin and hair. Being the best of moisturizing oils it can help with dry skin. As we are focusing on Hair care today so lets talk about its benefits for hair. Jojoba Oil also helps with hair growth, moisturizing the scalp/hair, nourishing the hair strand. It can also be use as leave-in oil to kill the frizz and dryness of your hair after the wash. Go Natural's Jojoba Oil is pure and beneficial.

Go Natural's Price: PKR 590/-


Go Natural Rose Water
Go Natural's Rose Water is alcohol free and 100% pure. It smells like a paradise of roses. We all know its use as the best toner for skin after cleansing in Summers. In Winters generally the rose water dries the skin a bit, but if used with a good moisturizer Go Natural's Rose Water never dried my skin. The spray bottle is of very good quality. Now let me share the benefits of Rose Water for hair... yes it is beneficial for hair too. I love to spritz it into my hair after every wash for a good fragrant hair. Lemme share a hair-mask DIY with you all; mix rose water and aloevera gel (naturally extracted) in equal quantity apply in hair from scalp to length, leave for a while, wash your hair and see the magic of de-frizzed and smooth hair :)

Go Natural's Price: PKR 430/-


Now let me share with you my favorite oil mix for dried and chemically (read: brutally) damaged hair.
2-3 tbsp of Go Natural Coconut Oil (you may use Olive Oil)
2 pumps of Go Natural Jojoba Oil
3-4 drops of Go Natural Rosemary Oil

Mix all ingredients well and heat a bit, when warm apply in the scalp and hair length, leave for 30-60 minutes and wash with your favorite shampoo. You'll love me for this, as this DIY oil-mix has repaired my hair, less hair fall to no hair fall (gradually), smooth-out my tensed frizz, nourished my hair well and got me hooked to it as this is the only hair-care regimen I have been using regularly. Once a week application is must but twice a week application is advised for a good and better result. Have a look:

For further details and inquiries visit GO Natural's on Facebook and Instagram as they help you deciding the products according to your specific problem. Visit the WEBSITE to shop :)

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  1. I have had a huge haul from them and using in many DIYs. Will try this as well.

  2. Rosemary oil sounds great. Great post. Am gonna try few of these soon.

  3. Such a nice post. I saw these at Al Fatah but never picked any. I might buy Coconut Oil next time, since, I've been thinking of trying it lately. Really liked how you've detailed on each product. :)

  4. Definitely going to try the rosemary oil :)
    great post



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