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Finally Veet Pakistan has taken the best decision; to start #VeetAcademy, the first and great platform for young girls and ladies to learn personality grooming and beauty skills to boost self confidence. Its great!
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Veet Academy: 
VA is an institute that helps reveal your beautiful best to enable girls to cherish their femininity. VA aspires to transform every girl into a successful, passionate and confident individual, who conquers her fears and manifests her dreams into reality. In order to have a complete personality, VA believes that every girl should have a bit of everything; confidence, charm, intelligence, good communication skills and a healthy lifestyle. For these five values, VA has chosen celebrity experts that are the living examples of each one of them.  
The names are as follows:
  1. Sarwat Gilani
  2. Masarrat Misbah
  3. Hareem Farooq
  4. Amina Sheikh
  5. Sidra Iqbal
Veet Academy is reaching to the girls of Pakistan via three critical mediums:
  • On ground: Reaching 1 million girls via Schools and Colleges
  • Digital: Through interactive posts via Facebook
  • Annual event called Miss Veet Pakistan
Have a look at the announcement:

Ain't that great, yes it is. Our very own full grooming academy, where young girls can learn how to look beautiful, communicate well, manners and all that make them outshine and be more confident!
Here Mahira Khan, the brand ambassador of #VeetPakistan has to say about VA:

Check out Veet Pakistan's Facebook page for further information, HERE, and #JustVeetIt !

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