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Friday, July 21, 2017 Sparkling Palette Blog 4 Comments

Long time no see! Well here we are back at #SPB after a very mind boggling kinda break! Details later!
Today I review a new Facebook based online store SHOPELISH with much pride and love, as it's owned by my BFF Huda N. from Lipstickholic. I must say the instock on this page is much different, cute and pretty useful.
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I was already amazed at the fact that my girl has stepped forward and started her own FB Online store, named SHOPELISH, with a niche of its own. Then this package came all well-wrapped and full of unique and useful products, all available online at the store. I am super satisfied with the quality of the products, against their affordable price tags. Silicone Sponge is much rave these days, and I was wondering to get one, and here it was ALL BLUE (translucent) and beautiful. This is really a blessing for making makeup application all easy-peasy. 

Silicone Sponge from Shopelish Pkr 400/-
The Brush Washing Tool, which you get for 100 bucks from many brand, is very affordable here and yes it cleans the brushes LIKE THAT! I am not worried for my brushes now.

Brush Washing Tool from Shopelish Pkr 500/-
Well the Mobile Stand is pretty much helpful, as a blogger and also as a mommy. It clutches my mobile so well, while my baby watch favourite rhymes and I feed him. Truly my life saver! It attaches to glass surface very well, and plastic too. It will help me in my LIVE videos on Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram too. Girls its a must. 

Mobile Stand from ShopelishPkr 500/-

I already love the Ear Studs, these green ones all adorned with crystals are just LOVE! Thanks Huda N. for sending out these amazing products, I am already your online store's permanent customer. Such friends make you proud! All the best dear.

Ear Studs from Shopelish pkr 250/-

Next I have my eyes on those mini Bambo Organizers, do check for yourself: everything is so affordable!

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Remember me in your prayers.
Keep Sparkling!!!


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  1. I need that brush cleaning tool! I am surely going to visit her page :-). Thanks for introducing to us.

  2. Thank you so much for an amazing review and words of encouragement. Am so happy that you truly liked the products. Enjoy and stay blessed.

  3. The mobile stand is so cute. Need to try out the silisponge. :) x

  4. All things look beautiful and the mobile stand looks good.


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