National Foods breaking strereotypes! #NotAFailure

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Sparkling Palette Blog 1 Comments

Cooking delicious food by preparing spices for hours, is so old age! Modern Woman chooses #Sahulat for herself so she can manage her time well. National Food's latest TVC proves that she is #NotAFailure at all!
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National Foods Limited Sahulat packs #NotAFailure #lazzatbharisahulat
What they say:
"Live and love outside the confinements of the kitchen when National Recipe Mixes gives you the #Sahulat to cook good food in less time. This does not make you a failure! 
#NotAFailure #lazzatbharisahulat"

With changing times our choices are modified. Now we all want to live a life full of smart options, and we love that too. Talking about modern women, who have to give their best in their homes, jobs plus quality time for their families, so much is expected from them. She has to make smart decisions to make things easier for herself so she can give her best to all her assigned tasks esp her family. I am proud that Today's Woman doesn't have to ask for totkas & tips around, she can simply Google any info or help she requires, thanks to technology. In the same way she doesn't have to spend hour and hours in kitchen to feed her family or herself with best and accurate taste of her favourite dishes, she can have #Sahulat of National Recipe mixes by National Foods Limited, which not only saves her time but also gives authentic taste of recipes. So she is a win win with her smart choices plus ample time for herself and loved ones.
Have a look at the TVC which surely is breaking our old aunty myth stereotypes :p

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  1. So true. These ready to use spice mixes have made life much easier specially for a working lady.


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