Masarrat Misbah Makeup New Products Review and Swatches

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Hello my Sparkling followers, long time no see? Life is such a cute little busy bee :) Despite being active on Social networks, I missed blogging like anything! So here to a new start and that too with my favourite Halal Makeup brand Masarrat Misbah Makeup which recently added amazing new products on their shelves, then what are we waiting for? 
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Masarrat Misbah Makeup New Launched products 
MMM Perfect Wear EyeLiner- NOIR

#MatteLuxe #Empower
MMM Liquid Lipstick- TROUBLE


Swatches of Noir, Empower and Trouble (T2B)

My genuine loyalty to MMM has been pretty obvious since the launch of this Halal Makeup brand back in 2015. Earlier I have reviewed many of the product from #MasarratMisbahMakeup on the blog and also on SPB's active social media, i.e Instagram, Facebook & Twitter (all links in sign-off) Its an honour that the brand has sent its newly launched products to me so my sparkling fellows and followers can get the glimpse into "What's NEW!" Without much Ado! let's review these fab products one by one:

MMM Perfect wear Liner- NOIR: I am more of a pencil-liner pencil, but that doesn't mean that this liquid liner didn't impress me. It is handy, easy to apply, thick, easily washable and provides a sleek finish. Pkr 790/-

MMM Matte Luxe- EMPOWER: This won my heart in the first swatch!!! The shade, the matte-ness, the velvety-lightness on lips, the staying power, bonus: it's Halal, means it has no harming ingredients for my health & no hindrance in performing my religious duties. Its a win-win for me. Look at the shade, it has a unique brown-kinda-mocca shade with a hint of subtle maroon which really "empower" your lips in a single swipe with its creamy texture and full pigmentation. Pure Luxury! Some products win your heart, and yet you feel short on words to describe their beauty or your own love for them- well I'm stuck in there right now! lolz. Ill post Lip swatches soon on my Instagram, keep watching! Pkr 1,150/-

MMM Liquid Lipstick- TROUBLE: Trouble is really an amazing addition to the MMM Liquid lipstick family. Earlier I reviewed MMM Liquid Lipstick in Phenomenal Red, but this one is a cool-toned (blue-toned) bright red, plush red to be precise. Wait for my lips swatches on my social media #SPB. The texture is creamy, dries in reasonable time and application is easy if you know the drill :) Pkr 1,250/-

Hope you liked the review, will be looking forward to your feedback!

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  1. Waiting for your swatches! I'll check out more colors when I go to the store ��

  2. These look super gorgeous, can't wait to try the new formula for the liquid lips. But i think the price is a lot on the steeper side

  3. I am loving the lipstick shade. Its really so pretty. Great review. Precise and spot on. Good to see back on the blog <3

  4. I love that troubled red lip color. Helpful post huda :)


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